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Jul 26, 2007 09:19 AM

I have a problem with grape pie - can you help?

I love grape pies. The best I've had are from around the finger lake region of New York - Naples specifically. So I have made about 10 pies since using various recipes. The flavor has been good, but the filling of every one of the pies was loose. I've tried adding extra flour, or extra corn starch, etc, but it doesn't seem to help. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? or maybe a recipe that they have used with 'firmer' results?

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  1. Perhaps tapioca, that is the preferred binder for me for fruit pies. By all means not an expert but got the advice from one!

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      I am another Minute Instant Tapioca fan for juicy fruit pies. It really does help them to hold together

    2. I'm a fan of unflavored gelatin.

      1. You might want to take a clue from America's Test Kitchen blueberry pie recipe. Instead of using tapioca, gelatin or cornstarch (which can dilute flavor or make the pie too rigid), they use the naturally occurring pectin in a regular old granny smith apple to perfectly thicken the pie. Grate one granny smith apple on a box grater and press out the moisture with paper towels. Then cook the apple in with the berry filling mixture. The apple flavor does not come through at all, but it thickens the pie perfectly. I imagine this would work as well with grapes.

        Mr Taster

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          You can also get apple pectin in bulk in natural food stores, though shredded apple really has more appeal. I used to use cranberries for similar purposes, but it had to be a place where the flavor worked, probably not in a grape pie.

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            I couldn't dig up the recipe I have, but as I remember it depended heavily on pectin from the skins, and maybe the seeds- There's another current grape pie thread that I think goes into it more.

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              oldunc - Thanks for the reply - if you could provide a link to this particular thread, I'd appreciate it. I've read most of the threads around grape pies (back in 2007) but none of them gave me any insight to a solution.

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                I'm not very cyber, don't do links, but look below under "Home Cooking Board Discussions" under "Grape Pie".

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            Mr Taster - Thanks for the advice. I've never heard of this before, but it sounds intriguing....and grape season is just around the corner - I'll have to give it a try. Thanks again.