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Harvard Med School Area?

My brother will be moving from England to attend Harvard Medical School and will be staying at the Trilogy facilities at 170 Brookline Avenue. I have never been to Boston and am not familiar with the area, so do you have any good suggestions for where to eat? Some cheap eats would be great, but I would also like to get him a gift certificate to a moderately priced place to welcome him back to the U.S.! All suggestions welcome. Thanks so much!

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  1. Cambridge 1 for gourmet pizzas, etc. on the Boylston St. side of the new Trilogy Place and across the street from Shaw's Market.

    1. The Trilogy and Harvard Medical School are nowhere near Harvard Square. I recommend looking for places in the Fenway neighborhood. The Back Bay and South End are not very far away as well.

      A board favourite not too far away is Eastern Standard, I think the food is pretty American too so that helps and $100.00 gift cert will take you far there.

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        There is a new Cambridge 1 just opened in the Trilogy building. That's what Taralli means. Other good cheap-to-reasonable places in close walking distance include Trattoria Toscana, Brown Sugar, Rod Dee, El Pelon, Audubon Circle, and Beacon Street Tavern.

        1. Going to Boston's Kenmore Square area or Brookline are probably your best bets, though neither is within easy walking distance. I've seen positive things mentioned here about both Solstice and the Mission Bar and Grill which are close by, though I've never been to either.

          1. Satchmo, if you're out there, Harvard Medical School is NOT in Cambridge, where the undergrad campus is located. The area you're looking for is Longwood Ave, Brookline and/or Kenmore Square.

            Your brother will not be long in finding the places he likes best! There are SO many in the area... good cheap eats that cater to the students.

            One place I've always loved that's not too far, is Elephant Walk on Beacon Street off Park Drive (Fenway) it's French/Vietnamese.

            1. Thanks for the clarification. As originally stated, I am not familiar with Boston at all! Good to know and thanks for the great suggestions.

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                For casual food near Harvard Medical School, I can recommend Thornton's Grille on Peterborough St...nothing fancy, but good food, casual, relaxed atmosphere, outdoor seating in good weather.

                There used to be Sami's Mediteranian food over on Longwood - great Shawarma, but it's been a while since I've been in that neck of the woods.

              2. Your brother will be in the Fenway area, close to the ballpark. There are lots of good, reasonably priced restaurants in this area. My favorites are: Petit Robert Bistro on Commonwealth Ave. and Trattoria Toscana on Jersey St. Both are moderately priced but great food.

                1. Eastern Standard is good for a gift certificates. Brown Sugar is one of my favorites. The Squealing Pig, just a stone's throw from HMS, has great pub food and cool atmosphere. Really cheap eats: the chicken torta at El Pelon Taqueria on Peterborough. It's mostly a take-out place, but a good stop for a quick lunch.

                  1. I agree with many of the suggestions, the options have evolved a great deal since I was a student at the HMS campus, but -

                    Pub style food - Squealing Pig, Flann O'Briens (Flann's), Thornton's Grille, Audubon Circle are among my favorites.

                    More upscale - Without a doubt Eastern Standard!, Great Bay - both in Kenmore at the Commonwealth Hotel, also Petit Robert - solid French bistro. While he's in Kenmore Sqr checkout Cornwall's.

                    Sami's is still around, it's good Shawarma for the first dozen times. What it does have going for it, at least when I was a student, was it's late hours.

                    The closest deli - Zaftig's in Coolidge Corner and if you want great cheap Middle Eastern fare Rami's in Coolidge Corner as well.

                    Sushi - Fugakyu better yet if you can travel to Newton and get in - Oishi.

                    There's more but have fun with those.

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                      Sami's is still around???? Where??? They used to be in the Food Court, but their stall is now a sushi spot. I dream of a Sami falafel sandwich, and haven't had one since 1991.

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                        Last time I was in the medical area - there it was - the Sami's "truck" sitting in front of Vanderbilt Hall. Oh, and don't forget the Hamburger subs at Pat's Place in the Brigham - bring your Tum's.

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                          Cool! Next time I am over there for scans, I am on a mission! Thanks.

                    2. Right in the area of Harvard Medical School and the dorm, there are a few good places for lunch or dinner -- The Mission Bar and Grille (Brigham Circle), The Squealing Pig, Sami's cart, the chinese food truck (across from Sami's), as well as a Bertucci's and Boloco. Fenway/Kenmore's is probably the next best bet, with, as mentioned by others, Eastern Standard, India Quality, Petit Robert, U-burger, Trattoria Toscana, El Pelon, Brown Sugar, Rod Dee, Thornton's, Cambridge 1, La Verdad, and Popeyes. Also nearby are places on Beacon street, like Audobon, Beacon Street Tavern, Taberna de Haro, and then all the places up in Coolidge Corner.

                      1. Penguin Pizza on Huntington Ave near Brigham Circle- fabulous pies!

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                          agree on penguins - really good salads too. also trattoria toscana

                        2. I really like Brown Sugar Cafe over on Jersey St. It's a great Thai restaurant with a selection of rice, noodle and curry dishes. They also have a great thai iced tea