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Jul 26, 2007 08:38 AM

Lexington, NC

I'm ready to make the pilgrimage this Sat. and want to go to Lexington #1, but I can't get the address to come up in any of the online map services. Can anyone provide me with directions, I'm coming from the Charlotte area up I-85? Also are any of the "Lexington Six Pack" open on Sunday? TIA

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  1. As you come up I-85, exit onto Business Loop 85. You'll pass the exit for Highway 52, then watch for Lexington Barbecue on the left. Getting to the restaurant from the south is a little'll have to go past it, turn around at the next exit, and approach it from the north.

    I think the Barbecue Center is open on Sundays, but I'm not positive.

    1. Sunday is not a good time to look for BBQ in Lexington. The last time I was there on a Sunday, the only place I could find open was on NC 8 about a mile north of downtown. Sorry, but I can't remember its name.

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        Jimmy's on Hwy 8 (just off I-85) and Backcountry Bar-B-Q (exit 88) are open on Sunday. Both are good - I like Backcounty more between the 2.