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Jul 26, 2007 08:18 AM

Anything good near Tenafly? [Moved from Mid-Atlantic Board]

My elderly, food-loving parents live in Tenafly, so I thought I'd consult my favorite site and ask for them. They'd appreciate anything decent, as long as it's not too noisy (they'd go early, so that's probably not a problem), dirty, or difficult for a woman with a cane to maneuver into. There's so much overpriced, pretentious-but-not-very-good stuff there. They go into the city a lot, but it'd be so nice to find them some more neighborhood options. Thanks...

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  1. They already may have these restaurants on their speed dial but diners of a certain age seem to like Segretto's in Tenafly(Italian), Samdam in Cresskill (turkish), River Palm in Edgewater(steak and $$). Also good is Tapas de Espana in Englewood. None of these options are incredible but all are more than OK and are good value (except for River Palm).

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      Samdam IS INCREDIBLE. Try there shepard salad,kebab, Samdam special (chicken in a wine cream sauce). Best Baklava I ever tasted.

    2. I had a great appetizer meal at axia, the upscale greek taverna in Tenafly, a couple of months ago, then a not-so-stellar full coursed meal there a month later. They've probably already gone, but it's a nice space.

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        Thank you! They've mentioned a couple of those, and I'll pass on the rest. You might've made some elders happy.