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Jul 26, 2007 08:11 AM

Best Cooking DVDs/Podcasts? Julia? Alton? etc.

Hi Chowhounds,

I'm in search of your favorite cooking DVD's. In particular I'm looking for DVD's or podcasts that will provide techniques rather than recipes and that I can use regularly to teach myself some new tricks in the ktichen.

Amazon is selling Julia Child's "French Chef" collection. I think that Alton Brown also has a few DVD's out, and I really enjoy his Food Network show. I'm not a big fan of America's Test kitchen, but love the PBS "Chef's Afield" show. Any ideas for DVD's I should add to my currently empty collection?


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  1. I have always been a big fan of Jacques Pepin, and I know that his DVDs have gotten many positive reviews on Amazon, however, I am not sure how much he focuses on techniques. His books do, I ma just not sure about the packaged DVDs.

    Ian Lewis

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      I agree about Jacques Pepin. He did a whole series on techniques a few years ago on PBS. I'm sure they must be available on DVD. He is the best teacher on TV.

    2. Netflix has the Julia Child DVDs and some of the Jacques Pepin. You always rent them and see if you like them before you invest in them.

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        Good advice. Also, public libraries (esp. "Central" public Libraries) usually have many cooking and other instructional videos. You can get them there for free and see which ones you like.

      2. iTunes has tons of them (podcasts) and they're free. Some are better than others but it's a lot of fun to poke around on there and see what's available.

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          Do you have any favorite podcasts? Thanks for the advice on Netflix, that's a great idea.

        2. The NPR Food podcasts are not bad, albeit inconsistently produced. Worth signing up for though as they are free.

          1. I love The Splendid Table podcast and KCRW's Good Food (even though I'm nowhere near California and get insanely jealous when they talk about produce in the winter time!).

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              I second KCRW's Good Food...And yes, I do feel the same when they do the market report every week (I am in NYC).

              1. re: Nuray

                In addition to KCRW's Good Food, I also enjoy the Bon Appetit weekly podcast. It does promote the then-current edition of the magazine, but isn't overly obnoxious about doing so, and it provides a lot of additional information.