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Jul 26, 2007 07:55 AM

Saturday dinner near Fenway w/ some atmosphere?

Heading to Fenway on Saturday for The Police concert and will have dinner prior around 6:30.
Looking for something casual but with a nice atmosphere (anything but Italian as that is on tap for Sunday!), somewhere easy to have a conversation and enjoy a fairly quiet atmosphere prior to the loudness of the concert !
Favorite suggestions within walking distance?

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  1. Eastern Standard Kitchen. Reservations available on

    1. Petit Robert Bistro for excellent French bistro fare. On Commonwealth near Charlesgate. Reservations also available on

      1. My father and I just had an incredible meal at Great Bay on Sunday after the Sox game...around 6:30. I saw a number of people sitting and eating at the bar (they also have a raw bar to sit at) if that is more your style. But the main dining room was perfect for a conversation...tables well spaced out etc.

        I wrote a review of our meal the other day...its listed under Great Bay. I highly recommend this restuarant..the food was outstanding and service was very friendly.

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          I was thinking of this but one in our party is not a seafood lover...any options for them?

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            From what I saw, most of the menu is seafood (and we ordered all seafood). But taking a quick look at the online menu (which I believe there were some additions/changes to when we were there on Sunday) there is a lamb dish but that's about it. Nothing non-seafood really stood out to me enough to remember but I would call the restaurant and see if they can email you their most up-to-date menu or ask what they have to offer for non-seafood eaters. But in general---its a seafood restaurant.


        2. Burtons Grill!

          Burtons Grill
          1363 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215

          1. Elephant Walk on Beacon St. is great for before Sox games. They are good at getting you out in time for your event, whether it is a concert or a game. It is usually fairly quiet there early, so you should have no problem with the noise level. It is only a 5-6 minute walk from there to Fenway up Beacon St. and across the parking lot to Fenway.

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              Audobon Circle on Beacon fits the bill for casual but nice. Great burgers as well.
              I've been warned to avoid it before ballgames so i'm not sure how it will be before the show.

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                Oh I 2nd Elephant Walk! Their food is incredible (an even better brunch but you'll be going at night).