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Jul 26, 2007 07:49 AM

Sunday Night Wait Time For Pizza?

I will be in Chicago for the weekend and want to treat my boyfriend and his Dad to their first ever tasting of Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. (I've had it plenty of times since my parents are both from Chicago).

We will be staying at the Sofitel Water Tower Hotel so I think the closest places to us is Gino's East-River North (located at 633 N. Wells St) and Lou Malnati's a few blocks down at 439 N. Wells Street.

We have late flights...around 9pm or so out of O'Hare but I was wondering what the wait time to get a table usually is at these places on a Sunday night? I imagine they don't take reservations so I was wondering around dinner time how long will we have to wait roughly?

Also...I know this is a hot topic (even in my own household) but are either of these locations better for the traditional deep dish cheese pizza? I don't think either is the original location but I'm sure they more then stand up.


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  1. I don't know how long it takes to get a table, but you should know that deep dish pizza takes a long time to cook, so it often takes 30-45 minutes to get your pizza after you order it.

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      Ahhh thanks...I forgot that part. I will keep that in mind.

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        Pizano's is on State st. closer than either of the other two to your hotel (864 N. State.) Like Malnati's, I find with some extra sauce/tomatoes, it's a pretty darn good pizza. I'm sure that others would disagree/agree, as is usual on this always debated subject. They're open till 2 a.m.. Last time we stopped in on a Sunday at about 8:30-9, we were seated immediately.

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          If there is a wait for a table they generally will offer the ability to pre-order your pie before you sit down. This signifigantly reduces your wait time.

          1. re: Flip

            This is at both Lou Malnati's and Ginos? That certainly helps...and is very smart of them! :)