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Jul 26, 2007 07:47 AM

Thai in Kenmore that isn't Brown Sugar?

A former roommate and good friend is in town this weekend, and she has a date Saturday night with a guy who says he's taking her to a classy, tiny Thai restaurant right near the Kenmore T stop, and insists it isn't Brown Sugar. Does he know something I don't know or is this a ruse and he's really going to kidnap her? If he's legit, any info on the restaurant would be helpful as she's shopping for a new outfit tonight - a woman should always look her best, whether for dinner or a felony.


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  1. Well - there is Thai Dish right across from the Kenmore T-stop (right by U-Burger). I have never been there, but I have eaten food from there from Dining In. I think it is decent Thai food, but nothing special. (I like Brown Sugar's better - even when delivered, but alas they only take cash for delivery which has practical problems.) I know nothing about whether or not the restaurant itself is "classy".

    1. That would probably be Thai Dish. I went to the Thai Dish on Newbury Street awhile back. It was good, but nothing that would make me forget about Dok Bua or Khao Sarn in Brookline (or Brown Sugar, for that matter). Not sure if the one in Kenmore is better...

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        So his intentions are good - it's his tastebuds that need help. Good to know!

      2. Thai Dish is pretty good food in nicer ambiance than some other local Thai places. It's a basement level room: the front has windows and is fairly light, while the back is darker. Tons of fish tanks in the room. The people who work there are very friendly (I think they're beginning to recognize me).

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          As a further note, here is their website:

          The steamed butterflies (chicken dumplings) are great.

        2. It wouldn't be Brown Sugar....that's much farther up Comm Ave, isn't it?

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            There's another BS right in the Fenway area.

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                Yes, but I still wouldn't have associated that one w/Kenmore either.....almost as far away as the Comm Ave one!

            1. It could also conceivably be Noodle St., but let's all hope not!