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Jul 26, 2007 07:29 AM

New to DE

Just moved to Christiana. We need some places to try. We dont mind driving an hour or so on nice days
Any Indian or Thai
We need a couple good seafood places
Good pubs
Anything place that is an area icon. (any roadside place over 30 years old fits this bill)
Anything else that should not be missed.


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  1. Burgers and shakes at Charcoal Pit, several locations. Buckleys Tavern up Rt. 52 (pub fare). Del Rose in Trolley Square known for a great chopped anti-pasta. One of my faves is Attilios on the corner of Lincoln and Lancaster Ave - gotta get fried peppers, never seen them anywhere else like this and fried smelts if the have 'em. If you got big bucks, the Green Room in the Hotel Dupont is a world class restaurant.

    If you really don't mind driving an hour - you can get to Philly for anything or Rock Hall Md for steamed crabs...

    Where did you move from?

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    1. re: BigSteve

      We moved from Southern Colorado. Six years before that we were in Ct.

      Glad you mentioned the Charcoal Pit. I saw them all over and knew I would have to try them out.
      May go to Attilios tomorrow. Headed up that way anyway. I will have to remember to go back in spring time when they have smelts. I have never had them, but my Mom used to talk about going smelting as a kid in Mich.
      And also thanks for mentioning Rock Hall. We plan to go down that way on a road trip soon just to see what's there.
      As for Buckleys, we happened to go there a few times when we were looking for a house. It was just convenient place on the way home (to our rental place in West Chester)
      THanks again. I will let you know how it goes in the future.

      1. re: kdibble

        OK - you are now in the "Cheese Steak Triangle" (Philly, South Jersey, Wilmington) you have to try some cheese steaks and hoagies. Of course, the cheese steak war is in south Philly. Hoagies are all over - start with an Italian. The Wilmington hoagie war is Capriotti's vs. Casapulas. I would go with the Capriotti's specials like a bobby or a cole turkey (fresh roasted turkey) or the Italian from Casapulas. Mmmmmmmmmm...I'm hungry now.

        For the best wings in the world - go to Dreamers on Philadelphia Pike. The man is a genius with hot peppers. If you like it hot, I recommend #6 (although In hear they're up to #10 now). Not just extra vinegar sauce - true hot pepper combos with awesome heat but still great taste. I like it when my scalp sweats after one or two wings.

        Love to hear your feedback.

    2. Hi & welcome to DE...the culinary nightmare of the east. We moved here a year ago and can count the good meals on one hand.

      For Thai try Tasty Thai in New Castle. Storefront place in a strip mall. Best Thai this side of NYC.

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      1. re: yankee_fan_0

        Where is this place in relation to 141? I'm not too far from New Castle and love Thai.

        1. re: jessicheese

          East of Rt 1 on 273.
          287 Christiana Rd
          New Castle, DE 19720
          (302) 322-1306

        2. re: yankee_fan_0

          Now, now, Yankee Fan, that's just a bit harsh, I'd say. Wilmington may not have an abundance of great restaurants, but they do have a few. Three truly wonderful places that come to mind are Domaine Hudson (, Moro ( and Mikimotos for sushi ( In Trolley Square, you've got your pick of pubs -- some have outdoor seating and/or live music -- Catherine Rooney's Irish Pub, Kid Shelleen's, and Kelley's Logan House, to name a few. For seafood, I'd recommend Deep Blue, which is downtown.

          1. re: CindyJ

            We do have some 'good' restaurants. Mikimoto's is a fav of mine, Toscana, Moro, Manos Latinos is good and our newest Italian, Pomodoro which is the most authentic Italian we have. Sadly the only good Chinese place is rather dumpy but the food is good and that is ShangHi in Claymont. If there are others, I don't know about them. Keep us posted with the places your try though.

        3. Well here is the weekend update.
          We tried to go to Attillio's... they are on vacation.
          So. We had to go out to Newark, so we drove along the Kirkwood Hghwy until we saw something interesting... Himalaya Indian was it.
          They had a buffet. Food was very good. The garlic naan that came with the buffet was outstanding. It was definitely the best Indian meal I have had in a long while

          We live very close to Tasty Thai, and got food there when we were moving in. It was very good. I seem to remember thinking the portions were not terribly large for the money (I expect to get a lot of meals out of one take out order I guess) but we will certainly be going back.

          Had dinner at Stewart's Brewing too a couple weeks ago and had a good meal. Typical pub stuff which was perfect.


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          1. re: kdibble

            Thanks for the follow up! Attilios is on my "to try" list as I've heard very good things from friends. I'll have to try Himalaya.

            One place that I love in Christiana for an easy night out is the Border Cafe. Very good (and inexpensive) mexican and cajun food, great salads, and tasty margaritas. Consistantly tasty. You'll find a lot of recs on here, which was how I found it.

            1. re: kdibble

              Sorry, cannot agree with Yankee about restaurants in DE. We have some good ones in Newark. Try Caffe Gelato (nouvelle cuisine, good wine list, periodic wine dinners), Iron Hill Brewery (excellent beer brewed on premises and best food I have run across at any brew pub) and Homegrown, all on Main Street. For Indian, we like Maharaja on Kirkwood Highway, just outside Newark. Decor there is nothing to write home about but the food is good. Nonna Ristorante has good Italian food. In Wilmington, check out Moro (excellent), 821, Corner Bistro (north of town, on Silverside Road), Culinaria (also north of town, Marsh and Silverside), Mikimotos and Jasmine (both good for sushi).

              1. re: 2littletime

                I agree with Cafe of Wine Spectators highest award restaurants...go on Tuesday and any bottle in the house is half price...and they have one of the best wine lists in this part of the world.

                There are tons of joints along main street in Newark from Klondike Kates to the Deer park Inn...both good.
                In Wilmington try Harrys Seafood down on the river for some of the best seafood in the country, fabulous oyster bar and a limited sashimi menu.

                Around Trolley Square there are tons of great pubs...most already mentioned in a post above.

                I also like the Washington Ale House next door to Mikimots...both are excellent but the Ale House is more of a Pub atmosphere. There is an excellent Jamaican restaurant that is short on atmsphere but excellent Jerk Food at 273 and Hwy 4 in ogletown.

                1. re: krandy21784

                  I'll second the Ale House. We go often and have always had a great meal. Excellent beer list, too.

            2. If you make it to slower lower DE, the are a couple decent options. Cafe Azafran and Nage (definitely get dessert there!) Seaside Thai is pretty good too or maybe it is just the only Thai in town. I have driven up to Dover for Indian but I won't do it again

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              1. re: jlwnc

                I second the Border Cafe on Rt. 7. Very good and cheap! Also Genelle's in Wilmington has very good Caribbean food, especially the jerk chicken and johnnycakes. Jasmine on Rt. 202 is decent, and Culinaria in Branmar Plaza is also pretty good.

              2. Hi Welcome to Delaware. I Grew up there, and my parents still live out in the Pike Creek
                Valley Area.
                They like a small boutique place on Union Street Called: ECLIPSE.
                They also like Toscana , Green Room, Deep Blue, and 821.
                Mendenhall Inn has upgraded (improved) recently they tell me
                Don't know if Krazy Kat's is still open and serving fine eclectic fare in Greenville (pricey)

                Up 295 north to Jersey - take Route 70 exit west (Cherry Hill/Marlton) towards Philadelphia until you find
                SIRI's Thai -French @ 2 miles on the left (green awning , small strip mall) Fantastic food
                and BYOB. Nice surroundings.
                If you take an exit before route 70, the exit for Voorhees (route 561) and bear right up the
                ramp and head @ 5miles to the Ritz Movie Theater Plaza, you will find
                Fantastic Indian Food at CORRIANDER - surroundings are simple sophisticated and service
                is impeccable.
                Almost next door is Nouveau fusion Chinese and Sushi at Chez Elena WU, 4 or five
                stoor fronts down is the Tiny (Reservations recommended) restaurant- RITZ SEAFOOD.
                This place has fantastic seafood and delicious desserts. (HIgh Zagat's rating and featured
                on Food TV NETWORK!)

                All three of these are BYOB.

                Enjoy and please post if you go.

                Mark H.