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Jul 26, 2007 07:28 AM

What happened to Cinco de Mayo, Chelsea??

Took a very intentional road trip to Chelsea for authentic Mexican at the much-lauded Cinco de Mayo. After a hunt-and-peck journey finding the place we were chided by a sign announcing that the restaurant had moved to Western Avenue in Lynn. We hopped back in the car and headed to Lynn with high hopes, only to find a tortilla factory at the new location. Anyone know what the story is? Is the restaurant itself defunct?


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  1. About a month ago, a sign on the restaurant said that they were closed for several months for renovations, and it looked like major construction was going on.

    Since they had both the tortilla factory and the restaurant in the old space, is it possible that they moved the tortilla factory (either temporarily or permanently) so that they could keep some cash flow, and are still planning on reopening in Chelsea?

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      The Cinco de Mayo in Chelsea was demolished to make way for a new revamped 3 story Cinco de Mayo. There was to be a tortilla factory in the basement and the first and second floor were to be used as dinning and functions.

      The building was demolished about 6 months ago and sadly the contractor doing the work ran into trouble and building never started and the initial construction cost rose by 50%.

      The fate of the restautant is now unsure.

      If any one has any contact info for Luis Chino the owner or his daughter the co owner please post or email.

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        So is the construction still going on or is stopped Wil it ever be opened

    2. I found it finally by accident. I was walking back from Revere beach to the T-stop and saw a place called Pancho Villa's down the street just to the left and went to check it out. It turns out this is the new location of Cinco de Mayo while they're renovating in Chelsea... It's called Pancho Villa and is very open, noisy w/ loud music but more important.. the food is the same.
      We got the enhiladas poblanas to go and they're just like I remember from Cinco de Mayo (refried beans excellent, rice OK, enchiladas excellent). I forget to get the address and phone ,'s the streeet just to the left of of Revere Beach T-stop, where Shirley St goes to the right.

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        Thanks for the info! I'm adding a place link so this thread comes up for anyone searching for CInco de Mayo.

        Cinco De Mayo Mexican Foods
        139 Winnisimmet St, Chelsea, MA 02150

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            I'm confused now. Cinco de Mayo has moved to Revere and is now Pancho Villa? Are we sure it is the same folks?

          2. I was at the Chealsea farmer's market and ran into one of the owners so here's the scoop from him. The Chelsea location is being totally rebuilt and it will take a year.
            Meanwhile, Pancho Villa in Revere, 124 Cenntennial Ave is owned and operated by the owners of Cinco de Mayo.

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              do you know the days/hours for pancho villa? went today for lunch and they were closed

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. went for lunch today and was disappointed. do NOT have the same menu as cinco de mayo. waitress said to check back in a few weeks