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Jul 26, 2007 07:12 AM

Coquette Bistro and Raw Bar

Saw this had opened (5th and Bainbridge) on my drive home last night - has anyone been? Not yet on menu pages, but city paper has a blurb on-line. Oysters seem to be featured prominently. Have to admit I am still looking for the place to replace Blue Angel - used to sit in the window seat with a vodka martini, a few plates of raw oysters and some frites to help soak up the martinis!

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  1. I was there the day after they opened and everything was very good. I was particularly impressed with the duck rillette and the trout. We didn't order anything from the raw bar, but one of my group had the scallops (the 'Coquille St. Jacques'). They were good, but not as good as some other places in that area (James, the late Pif). They didn't have their liquor license yet when I was there, so it was BYO for the moment. If you go, call first to see if they're serving wine or if you need to bring some.

    1. Just an FYI - this is still BYOB for the time being. Ate there on Thursday and had 3 different oysters (blue points, an east coast and a west coast are always on the menu) which were wonderful - fresh, not gritty, still with liquor. I and another diner then had salads and frites, the other 2 in our party had the 2 steak offerings and both were pleased. Service was great! Called and got reservations same day, and needed them - when we arrived the wait was 45 minutes for those just stopping in. Had a pre-dinner martini at Southwark, so that worked! Anyone else been?

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        Yes, I was just there this weekend. I liked it very much. Authentic bistro atmosphere, good service, and good food. I had a cold pea soup which was wonderful. Also liked my salad (wish I could remember what it was called). My companion really liked his omelette and salad but was disappointed by the onion soup, which tasted burned. The bread, which they make in-house, is delicious (especially the cornbread -- they serve several kinds). All in all, a good experience. Some, but not enough, consolation for the loss of Pif. BTW, we enjoyed the black and white silent movies too.

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          Is cornbread authentic bistro fare?

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            Ha! Probably not. Good though.

      2. We were there with a party of 6 a couple of weeks ago. So far, cash only and BYOB (we brought our own martinis, and tried to be discreet...). The oysters were very clean and fresh, nicely presented. I had a marvelous braised rabbit; others had fish and steak dishes. Everyone was really pleased (even a finicky trout connoisseur). The frites were fantastic--I had to order them on the side after I stole some from my friends with steaks. Service was still a little shaky, but they're still in "soft opening" mode.

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          As of this weekend they were taking credit cards and the frites were still wonderful!

        2. Why exactly did Blue Angel close? Fantastic decor (and solid food)

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            At the time, Steven Starr said he was "over" the french bistro

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              That's too bad, I never got a chance to go there but from what I've heard it was one of his best restaurants.

              1. re: Buckethead

                Much missed by yours truly. Great, great steak frites, great space, and it always seemed crowded.

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                  It had a zinc bar with hard boiled eggs on a stand and a distressed mirror with the house selections handwritten on it. I recall coat racks running along the entire right side above the booths. It had tile floors and French language tapes played in the bathrooms. I was always there.

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                    It wasn't quite as "theatrical" as many of his other venues. Felt like the place on the corner - definitely not like the others (not that I don't like the others). I had forgotten about the french tapes in the restrooms! The ceiling was amazing too!

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                      Not to hyjack, but I remember the scallops w/ porcini sauce there. They were so good that my only reaction was to smile and shake my head.