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Jul 26, 2007 06:40 AM

Need location for baby shower - Vege friendly

This NYC hound needs help. I am throwing a shower next month for my sister in DC. Guest list has outgrown family homes. Would like to have it at a restaurant with banquet facilities or side room that can fit 30-40 people.

My sister likes Indian, Ethiopian and Middle Eastern food as well as Italian and Thai. The place needs to be in DC or at least very Metro accessible and not too pricey. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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  1. In terms of veg-friendly places with private rooms, Jaleo (Spanish tapas) in Crystal City is very veg-friendly and has a private room that I would guess would seat around 40-50 people. It's right near the Crystal City Metro.

    As for Indian, Nirvana downtown is veg Indian and doesn't have a private room, but it's not huge so I guess you could look into renting the place.

    You might also consider Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park for Middle Eastern, it's right off the metro but I'm not sure about private rooms.

    1. For Italian I believe Filomena in Georgetown has a private room or banquet room. I would give them a call to double check.

      As for Indian I really like Heritage in Dupont Circle...not too pricey and the room is really nice. Not sure if they have a private area but there is more then enough room to section off a piece of the restaurant.

      In terms of Thai there is a private back room for parties at Old Siam in Eastern Market. The food is really good (ate there for lunch today actually) and completly reasonably priced.

      All of these (especially Old Siam and Heritage) are vegeterian friendly.

      1. The Lebanse Taverna across the street from Woodley Park metro station has a private room and is vege friendly.

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          Ya but is it any good? I personally don't see the appeal of this chain. I thought it was so-so but I probably wouldn't throw a party there...unless food really isn't the focus.

        2. For Italian and Metro accessible, think about Sette on Conn. Ave and R St. NW, right by the Dupont Metro. I don't think they have a private room, but they could probably give you a private area.

          I did an event at Thai at Silver Spring (yep, that's the name!) and they have a very private separate room, and the food is great and reasonably priced. The restaurant is very pretty and spacious. It's a block from the Silver Spring Metro, in the Downtown SS Shopping Plaza. (I think).

          1. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the suggestions. I'm on town today so I will try to check a few of these out.

            If you ever need NYC info, please ask.