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Jul 26, 2007 06:17 AM

Prune Danish?

Where can I find prune danish? and which Jewish bakeries are the NYers favs?
My friend, who was born in Brooklyn and left as a small child for California is going back for the first time. One of her most cherished memories is of prune danish and they just don't have them in SoCal.

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  1. Andre's Bakery on 2nd Ave bet 84 and 85 sts. has very good prune danish

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    1. re: Julia

      Just picked up some prune danish for a friend. Nice place and will be going back.

    2. Andre's is the best to me also, though The Adore on 13th between 5th and University used to make a great one too.

        1. Zaro's also has prune danishes. Will have to give Andre's and Glaser's a try. My dad down in Delaware is a prune danish fan and he gets his supply in New York! We were just talking about the prune danish scarcity tonight.

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          1. re: mandy.21

            Went back to re-supply on the prune danish (they are $3.00 each; tasty yet pricey in quantity.) Shared a slice of the the powdered sugar Napoleon that had excellent creme custard and tried some cherry-cheese strudel ($6.00 for a 4" by 5" slice) that was a little dry but with quite a generous filling of cheese and some cherries.

            Looking up prune danish makers has become a hobby as they simply are less popular these days.

          2. William Greenberg Desserts has great prune danish.

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            1. re: j. marie

              Moshe's on Second Avenue makes excellent miniature prune danishes...

              1. re: penthouse pup

                Famous Kosher Bakery in Staten Island (2208 Victory Blvd) makes a standard and sturdy prune danish - the filling was quite generous and they take special orders.