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Jul 26, 2007 05:58 AM

Breakfast ideas?

I need to take a breakfast dish to a family with a family member in the hospital. It will be delivered Saturday night to be eaten Sunday morning. We want to do something more than just the usual bagels or donuts. Does anybody have any recipes or suggestions?

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  1. I have yet to try this recipe but it looks tasty and is a little different than your usual brekfast fare. It's a croissant bread pudding and you can make it ahead.

    1. You can make the classic egg and sausage casserole (it has to sit overnight), bring a fruit salad and maybe some muffins?

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        I second the strata (overnight casserole) idea. You can vary the fillings - spinach, swiss and mushroom is also nice. The basic principle is a greased casserole dish, dry (day old) slices of good bread (challah is yummy as would be brioche), a custard with eggs and whole milk (cream if you can afford calories!) and filling (choose any quiche type filling). Layer in casserole, cover & refrigerate overnight. Typically bake for 30-45 min (depending on casserole size) at 375.

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          Same here serve with a mushroom sherry sauce. Easy and delicious! or prepare like an eggs benedict layering with spinach and ham then serve with the blender holandaise sauce...
          For a sweet dish,
          A sour cream coffee cake would also be nice, or that Cherry Clafouti that has been mentioned would go very nicely.

      2. I love the strata ideas, but it doesn't seem that that'll work for the OP - s/he has to take it and leave it overnight - how to keep it cool, too??

        What about a nice homemade sour cream coffee cake or some homemade scones?

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          "I love the strata ideas, but it doesn't seem that that'll work for the OP - s/he has to take it and leave it overnight"

          And it's going to someone in the hospital, so cooking won't be an option.

          I have a great recipe for sour cream coffee cake that is easy and delicious. I also just made excellent banana/blueberry muffins. Oh, and a few months ago, I made a wonderful strawberry bread which was a nice change from banana bread.

          If you're interested in any of these recipes, let me know and I will post them (or links to them).

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            Strawberry bread sounds GREAT! I would love the recipe.

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              Huh? I didn't get that it was going to the hospital, just that it was going to friends that have a family member in the hospital.
              I think your suggestion is great for coffee cake, Would you mind posting your recipe. I have some fresh blueberries I would like to use as well.
              Maybe op can clear up the question so we can help better?

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                I would definitely be interested in these recipes and I love the ideas so far. Very helpful. I'm sorry I was not clear in my first post. This is going to be delivered to their house Saturday night so they have refrigeration and an oven for reheating in the morning. We just didn't want them to have to worry about putting meals together while they were making trips back and forth to the hospital.

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                  Ok, now I got it!

                  Here's a link to the Strawberry Bread. I made it when I had a lot of fresh strawberries that were on the verge of going bad and I didn't want to waste them. You can actually change the servings to 1 if you just want to make 1 loaf, which is what I did. I also omitted the nuts, since my children eat this and my 10 month old only has 2 teeth!


                  And here's my Sour Cream Coffee Cake. It's always a huge hit.

                  Sour Cream Coffee Cake


                  ¼ Cup Butter -- unsalted
                  1 Cup Sugar
                  ½ pint Sour Cream (1 cup) – you can use low-fat if desired
                  2 Eggs
                  1 Tsp. Vanilla
                  ¼ Tsp. Salt
                  2 Cups Flour
                  1 Tsp. Baking Powder
                  1 Tsp. Baking Soda


                  ¾ Cup Chopped Walnuts
                  2 Tsp. Cinnamon
                  ¼ Cup Sugar
                  ¾ Cup Chocolate Chips -- semi-sweet

                  Preheat over to 350.

                  Cream butter. Gradually add sugar, beating until light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each egg. Add vanilla.

                  Combine flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Add alternately with the sour cream blending well.

                  Pour half the batter into a well-greased baking pan (9 inch square, round or even a bundt pan).

                  Combine filling ingredients. Sprinkle half of mixture over batter in pan. Top with remaining batter and then sprinkle with remaining filling mixture. Slightly press chocolate chips and nuts down so that they stay on the cake when it is baked.

                  Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Test with a toothpick – it might need a little more time in the oven (like 10 or 15 minutes). Just don't overbake it so it doesn't get dry.


                  1. re: valerie

                    Thank you so much for providing the link and posting the recipe-it sounds wonderful (and, no lowfat sour cream for me!!) Thank you again for all the suggestions. I think I'm well prepared now to prepare something edible for the breakfast portion of this weekends meal!