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Jul 26, 2007 05:39 AM

Anybody been to The Quarter at the Tropicana?

I'm going to AC this weekend with my family and someone suggested eating at the Quarter on top of the Tropicana....Any one been there? A review please...

Any other mid-priced suggestions on the strip?


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  1. Nothing in the Quarter is "mid-priced" - however, PF Changs is solid (definitely make a reservation, however, or you won't get in - esp. on a weekend), and Cuba Libre is good - if nothing else, stop there for a mojito - they're excellent. Stay away from Carmine's, unless you're looking for seriously overpriced Italian food served family style.

    My suggestion would be to take a 5 minute walk to Little Saigon - excellent authentic Vietnamese food, reasonably priced.

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    1. re: newfie29

      The places at the quarter are bascially higher end chains and not worth a stop.

      A hearty second to Little Saigon, and of course, Chef Vola's as other options.

      If you want to stay on the boardwalk, Opa Grill is a nice greek place not attached to any hotel with great lamb chops.

      1. re: seal

        Seal - I have to disagree with you about the chains. While I consider myself a serious foodie, I think the high end chains serve a decent purpose. While not stellar they usually offer quality food in a uniform setting. I like them especially with groups. I have taken my office staff to Carmine's both in NYC and Atlantic City every year (their request not mine) for the past 5 years and in no instance have I been dissapointed with either the food or service. Again I wouldn't call it gourmet but it was solid and served its purpose. I would also not hesitate sending anyone to the Palm at the Quarter. As always, just my two cents. All that being said, I could not argue with a recommendation of either Chef Vola or Girasole.

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          I also enjoyed Cuba Libre very much. And the Irish Pub upstairs (forgot the name) was fun for a Guiness and/or Irish Coffee. I LOVE Chef Vola, but no way will the OP get a reservation there for this weekend.

          1. re: Marge

            I liked the Irish Pub the best of the restaurants.

          2. re: bgut1

            I agree with bgut on Carmines. I've gone to both as well and have never been disappointed. The Veal Saltimbocca is divine!

        2. re: newfie29

          There are some moderate-priced choices at The Quarter outside of the "Commie Triangle" such as the Irish Pub Ri-Ra, A Dam Good Crabshack or whatever it is and Corky's BBQ which is actually in Tropicana-proper.

          Be careful about WHEN you go - last time I was there, we planned out an itinerary of eating and drinking at a few of the restaurants based on posted operational hours only to find that Red Square decided to throw in the towel at 10PM (supposed to be open until midnight) and Cuba Libre turns into a night club and stops serving food around the same time. So we had dinner at the crab shack and went back to Red Square for drinks only to get thrown out of there at midnight (supposed to close at 2AM on weekends). I can see closing down the kitchen if it's slow, but the bar was hopping!

        3. If you're into a different type of dining experience, I HIGHLY recommend Red Square <right next store to Cuba Libre>. Excellent food, ice on the walls, red lighting, and the home of my favorite martini - The Sputnik 1.

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          1. PF Changs is a very good choice. The food is excellent. I really enjoy the Mongolian Beef and the noodle dishes are good. Carmines is a fun place to go with a bigger crowd. You can be loud and order a few different items. The food is good and a fun time is usually had.

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              Red Square is very cool, Cuba Libre decent. Good service. Carmines is not great, ridiculously expensive and service is just ok. Have fun! The Q is PACKED!!

            2. I've been to PF Chang's and Carmine's in the Quarter for food and Red Square for drinks.

              I like PF Chang's and my husband and I were able to share an order of spicy dumplings and dan dan noodles for lunch without breaking the bank or being overly full.

              I didn't like Carmine's. I went with people from work when we were in town for a convention and I thought the food was mediocre at best. I was expecting to be wowed, but wasn't. And it was so loud I could barely hear the person sitting next to me.

              I'd been told Red Square was amazing but I personally was really underwhelmed. I think all the hype ruined it for me. It was dead when we were there and even the ice on the wall couldn't get me excited. But I didn't know they served food...that menu looked really appetizing.

              1. You could check out the Pier at Caesar's (on the boardwalk) too -- Buddakan and Continental (both Steven Starr, branches of Philly restaurants) and Sonsie (a Boston transplant). There are also a couple more casual places. For Italian, there is Cafe 2825, which is not in a casino (there are a couple of threads on it). And Dock's Oyster House (on Atlantic Ave.) is a good old standby for seafood-- it's been around forever and still good, and a more intimate/subdued setting.

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                  I wrote a long review of Cafe 2825 last year. We loved it, wonderful Italian across from the Trop. Kind of pricey but high quality. Lovely, intimate restaurant that you would not expect to find in AC.