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Jul 26, 2007 01:08 AM

Sydney restaurants with the fussy in-laws?

My mother-in-law and her sister arrive next week and we'd like to treat them to a few good meals. However, they will not go for Mod Oz cuisine and they're going to be horrified by the prices. Even though we plan to pay for the meals, there will be the inevitable show down over the bill, or even worse, they'll refuse to even eat at a place if they see the prices in advance. Any suggestions for a good meal with some sort of view of the Harbor or Aussie ambience (or just a great neighborhood restaurant) and main prices in the low 30s at most would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. just a few quick questions before we get too far down this track....
    where are they coming from? are they ethnic or just a bit rural?
    where abouts are you located within Sydney?

    in crown street is la brasserie ( serving very simple old fashioned french brasserie food. this will keep any steak and chips person happy whilst getting out amongst it! no views, but definitely sydney!

    you could take them for a pie at harry's cafe de wheels. cheap, very sydney, and water views, and then walk along finger walk after (b/c they certainly won't like those prices).

    for a day out and lunch i highly recommend going up to the hunter valley and having lunch at firestick cafe at the poole rock estate. we did it this week and had a lovely time, prices were reasonable and standards were fantatsic.

    how fussy can they be?

    curious to know where they are coming from also...

    good luck, i don't envy you at all

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      Thanks for the suggestions. They're coming from the U.S. (CT), and will not be into Mod Oz cuisine; into more basic or simpler cuisines.

    2. Sunday lunch - Watsons Bay - either Doyles proper, or even at the pub (outdoors) - you have a lovely ferry ride across the harbour, eat with an amazing view (even fish and chips in the park is great for a really casual lunch). I think Doyles food is outdated, but it is still quality. Would they be open to Asian food? some of the best moderately prices meals in Syd are Asian. Also, where will you be staying?

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        doyles is neither cheap nor good.
        they will definitely die if they see the prices at Doyles
        the pub is the biggest rip-off on earth, even for the views.
        if you are looking for fish and chips head to patonga for a day trip.