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Jul 25, 2007 11:51 PM

Mirepoix in Windsor - pure disappointment

A recent dinner at Mirepoix in Windsor convinced me that this restaurant isn't worth another visit.

Our party of four was promptly seated, but from that point, the service from both the staff and the kitchen dragged to the point where we felt ignored.

I chose a variation of a Salade Lyonnais for a starter. The egg was properly poached, but the frisee was under dressed - a companion's was swimming in vinaigrette. My duck breast, ordered medium rare, was served closer to medium well done, with hardly any pink. This changed not only the texture and moisture of the duck, but the flavors as well. The accompanying "risotto" looked like Minute Rice cooked into a soupy mess.

The tarte tatin was far more pastry than fruit and was woefully undercooked, resulting in a doughy gummy dish that went back to the kitchen half eaten.

To add insult to injury, they had the audacity to charge us corkage on a tainted bottle of wine we opened but did not drink.

The one bright spot was our server, a delightful young woman whose enthusiasm and energy cheered us. Unfortunately, her efforts were overshadowed by the poor performance of the kitchen.

Clearly, these folks are just phoning it in and with so many other great restaurants in Sonoma County, I won't bother with them again.

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  1. This is disappointing. I've been to Mirepoix several times and it's always been consistenly good to excellent. Also, they've been pretty liberal on corkage (around $8/bottle) and (I think) they waive it if you also buy one of their bottles.

    Maybe it's a summertime thing with the principals on vacation?

    1. We happen to like Mirepoix and have never been disappointed. I can see a conundrum, however, when a customer brings his own wine and then complains about its quality. I'm sure you complained loudly about the duck breast...wasn't it replaced with a properly cooked one? And didn't you complain about the gummy tarte tatin? You must let your opinions be heard.

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      1. re: OldTimer

        I am letting my opinions be heard, OldTimer - right here.

        And, you miss the point - I'm not complaining about the quality of the wine my friend brought from his cellar, I'm complaining about the restaurant charging corkage for a bottle that was not consumed.

        No, I did not complain loudly about the overcooked duck - it was only one of several misadventures from a kitchen that wasn't paying attention to what was sent to diners. And after waiting nearly two hours for the entree to reach the table, I wasn't about to wait again to have it replaced.

        Frankly, the kitchen was asleep at the wheel and there is no excuse for performance that poor.

      2. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I was there recently and had a great experience. Party of four. Everyone loved everything. And everything was cooked as ordered. Our orders included the duck confit. the brined porkchop, and the tuna. and french fries (which are great) for a starter.
        One possibility for recent uneven experience is they are now open for lunch and they may still be working out the problems with being open an additional six hours,
        And I am going again on Saturday I'll report in

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        1. re: ellenm

          party of four last night -promptly seated -
          ordered fries for our starter -they are great -a triple cooking style first blanched in water cooled fully dried, then blanched in oil and then the final frying in oil right before serving....if you are french fry fanatic this is the spot for you.
          butter lettuce salads
          two halibuts in a potatoe crust
          hanger steak
          and the pork pot pie
          brought a bottle --bluenose zin lovely
          everything was great and the diners in the rest of the room all looked very happy
          this time no dessert (we walked over to Powells for ice cream)
          total check before tip -$115 they serve the same menu from 11:30-9 closed on Mondays.

          1. re: ellenm

            I did a double-take on that tab when I first read your post. But Mirepoix came up in last night's chat over the dinner table and many others agreed that it's quite good and a terrific bargain.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Since I am a Mirepoix fan, I too was skeptical...but you could get the food for about 115 with tax, but no way would wine be included.

              1. re: OldTimer

                Any particular dish you've had there that stands out in your mind?

                Restaurant Mirepoix
                275 Windsor River Rd, Windsor, CA 95492

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  I like it particularly because the lunch menu is the same as dinner. We prefer lunch meals. Particularly good is the duck confit salad, and the braised sweetbreads with fries. Everything is good, tho. I tend to get in a rut and order the sweetbreads...they are so hard to find well prepared.

                  1. re: OldTimer

                    we brought the wine --sorry if that wasn't clear.
                    The pork pot pie was 13, my entree was 19 and the other two 24.
                    And we went to powells for dessert :) There are a couple of other items hovering in under 15 range. Friends who used to be big fans of Zazu now come to Mirepoix because of the range of choices and prices. I come for the french fries. For over the top lily gilding the cote de pork is wonderful. It's a giant pork chop sitting on a foothill of mashed potatoes, some token perfectly prepared seasonal vegetable....topped with onion rings.
                    And one other little note -this kitchen has no fear of frying. Almost every plate has something fried..
                    I'm sorry the original poster had such a bad experience. It has made me think about some places something similar happened to me and I never went back.

        2. Have been following thread from beginning. I first went to Mirepoix over a year ago and have been maybe 3-4 times since. I find it hit and miss and the misses makes me think of it as a place to go out of convienence rather real focus. I like the wine list. Sometimes the food is terrific and other times I find it mediocre. I find the owners personable but have had real misses with servers.
          Because the prices are reasonable and they offer the same full menu all day and corkage is only $8, I'll certainly go back.When someone is looking for a decent meal and Mirepoix is on the way, I would say go! But I wouldn't go out of my way or book far in advance for it.
          I like it, I don't love it.

          1. The original comment has been removed