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store bought breadsticks??

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  • yum Jul 25, 2007 11:39 PM
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where can I buy REALLY good breadsticks to serve @ my dinner party? preferably the really long kind with a variation of flavors? thanks!

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  1. I'd contact restaurants and see if you can buy them parbaked or just proofed or frozen.. Here's the places I'd call...

    Prizzi's Piazzi in Beachwood Canyon -- great garlic breadsticks
    Market City Cafe
    Pat and Oscars is known for theirs
    Pizza Buona
    Sisley has the long kind.
    750 mL

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      There is a company called Starr Ridge that makes a really good packaged breadstick. They are medium length and flat but they have a buttery flavor that is truly addicting, I've had the Asigo and Cracked Pepper with Olive Oil and when you put them out at parties they vanish.