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Crazy Delicious Pizza Toppings

Having lived in the Bay Area for the last few years, I've had my share of gourmet pizzas from the dozen or so Mozza-ish pizzerias. Some of the most interesting ones I came across were from Gochi's in Cupertino, which bills itself as a Japanese fusion tapas restaurant.

We're talking (1) unagi/eggs/seaweed/gobo-burdock (2) spicy cod roe/snow crab/bacon (3) miso sauce/chashu pork/mushrooms.

It seems as though pizzas are a trend in Japanese restaurants and some of the best I've found in SoCal comes from Il Chianti in Lomita which has an Umibe pizza topped with clams, dried tomatoes, and an egg.

So aside from pizzas that just taste good, what are your favorites for toppings that are crazy AND delicious?

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  1. I am not a fan of the "gourmet" pizza and prefer to keep them nice and simple. however having said that, yesterday I had a woodfired pizza in Australia's hunter valley that was topped with beetroot (i think it must have been grated and cooked with onion) & roast duck on minimal tom paste, thin crust, moderate mozzarella with fresh oregano sprinkled over the top. it was divine washed down with a glass of hunter semillion

    1. I'll go with a Spago classic: smoked salmon, dill, creme fraiche and caviar.

      1. Since this is the LA board, I'll suggest going to Caioti for more exotic combos, not crazy per se, but certainly more experimental.

        I personally LOVE ricotta cheese on pizza-- mixed in with the tomato sauce, then dolloped on top of the mozzarella after it comes out of the oven as well...

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          Try Vito's veggie pizza, it comes dolleped with ricotta.

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            That Ricotta he has... is HEAVEN... Order the White Pie just for pure Ricotta indulgence... The Eggplant Parm for a true orgy...


        2. This place seems like the Pizza place of your (disturbed) dreams:


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            Oooo. Mr Pizza sounds like exactly what I may be looking for. I love a good margherita (my favorite's from Mozza) as much as the next pizza purist, but sometimes, I like to kick it up a notch =]

          2. Not too weird, but:
            Sauerkraut with potatoes, jalapeno, and gouda or gruyere.
            I've also thrown hummus on before the kraut.

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                Sounds interesting!

                I remember wanting some Pizza Hut years ago when I was travelling through Hong Kong. Being the picky kid eater that I was, I can still remember seeing those types of pizza on the menu and praying for just a simple pepperoni and cheese.

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                  am i weird? cause i wanna try that pizza. haha!

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                    Wow...that is quite possibly the most grotesque thing I've ever seen! I'm fascinated by it in much the same way I was with those tortas Dommy! was posting about. Awesome.

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                      DUDE!!! I so did not need to know that thing existed...


                    2. Bossa Nova is great but doesn't really get as weird as what you're describing.

                      My friend swears by their Pesto Verde pizza (homemade pesto sauce, mozzarella, white Mexican shrimp, sundried tomatoes, leeks and grilled red onions). There are some other fish topping options there too, and hard boiled eggs is another interesting topping of theirs. I love their Banana Special pizza (mozzarella, mascarpone cheese, caramelized bananas, roasted almonds, topped with sugar cinnamon mix), though it's more of a dessert than a regular entree pizza.