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Jul 25, 2007 10:23 PM

Title: need romantic resturants in nyc

Message: hi guys my anniversary with my gf who i love very much is coming up and i need some suggestions for some romantic resturants in manhattan and possibly brooklyn but mainly manhattan that won't cost an arm and a leg.
feel free to post away.

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  1. The River Cafe in Brooklyn

      1. Sant Ambroeus -- the one in the Village on West 4th Street

        1. I was taken to River Cafe for my birthday this year. Very over the top romantic (not in a bad way), but really mediocre, overpriced food. Same for Cafe des Artistes, but without the romance.
          For well-priced romantic, consider Crispo, Apizz, August, Little Owl. If you're looking to spend more money, Bouley would be my pick.

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          1. re: Lucia

            ok lucia can u provide me with info on crispo, apizz august and little owl as well as bouley.

            1. re: hungrymannyc

              All 4 restaurants can be found on opentable. Crispo and Apizz are Italian, Little Owl American, August mediterranean, and Bouley French. You can search for reviews on this board as well.

              1. re: hungrymannyc

                August is perfectly romantic and the food is great.

                1. re: LeahBaila

                  River Cafe Bklyn
                  Rainbow Grille NYC

                  1. re: nyebaby37

                    sorry guys unfortunately with bills and family related stuff. im on a budget can anyone recommend something a lil more cheaper say between 15 to 20 for entree. please post what u know

                    1. re: hungrymannyc

                      Frankie's Spuntino, Uva, The Bridge Cafe, CamaJe

                      1. re: hungrymannyc

                        Le Jardin Bistro has a lovely, romantic garden. The French cuisine served there is good, and many of the main courses have prices that meet your budget.


              2. How about Lavagne in the EV? I think the atmosphere is lovely, has good food and won't break the bank.