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Jul 25, 2007 09:53 PM

Lunch near The Art Institute of Chicago

Hello fellow Hounds - Scottsdale hound will be in Chicago(my birthplace) next Monday and going to the museum with the MIL - she is more of a chain person and, well, I am not :O) Is there a restaurant nearby with good food that will make both of us happy?? Good pub food would work also, though I would prefer a hidden gem in the area. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Recently opened and garnering some fairly good press is The Gage. Seems to meet your requirement of good pub food. Here's a recent write up:

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      Thanks for the post, looks like something I would love.. I will have to try this one next time!!

    2. Don't take your mother-in-law to the Gage unless you really, really love her or want to impress her. it's pretty expensive, and in my experience, not at all worth it.

      you can check out pizano's ( a pretty good pizza place. i've eaten there so often that i've forgotten if the food is actually good or not, but it's always doing brisk business.

      a better option might be elephant & castle ( it is a pub, technically, though if you sit facing away from the bar you'd never know it. the sweet potato fries are amazing. it may be the right mix of "chain" and "gem".

      have fun in chicago!

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        Thanks for the suggestions, I have already checked out pizano's and if we weren't going to a pizza place after the Cubs game, that is where we would be going.. Elephant & castle sounds like a really good mix for us, 'normal' food for her and drinks for me ;) Thanks again - looking forward to another visit.