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Hi Everyone

Where is a good place to have High Tea in England on a Saturday afternoon in September?

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  1. in London, without a doubt, The Ritz. it's a once in a lifetime musttickitoffthelist experience. 36pounds a head, but well worth it. you can book online (and need to book - they recommend 4 weeks):
    USA toll free number details on there also

    this is the poshest "all you can eat" experience you will ever have.

    (p.s. the ritz has a dress code, and jeans and trainers will not do. look at the website)

    1. Where will you be? England is a big place.

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        London England for one day coming from Paris on the train.

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          A great daytrip! Well, you've had some good replies here, so I hope you can choose just the right place for you. Not much beats Paris for wonderful pastries, but London is certainly up to the challenge. Enjoy!

      2. In London, I like Brown's Hotel....and its Afternoon Tea I think you are looking for. High Tea is an evening meal usually considered a working man's meal at home.

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          "High tea" is definately a very late afternoon or early evening meal. Yorkshire is the only place that I've seen it advertised on offer in restaurants/pubs/cafes. A classic meal would be ham/eggs/chips (fries) followed by cake.

          For info, for many of us Brits (depending on geographical location and/or social class), "lunch" does not occur. The meal in the middle of the day is "dinner". A meal in the evening is "tea". Worth bearing in mind if ever you're invited to a Brit home for "tea".

        2. Yes, I'm looking for a place for afternoon tea a light tea. With sightseeing I will only have a 1/2 day is Harrods a good place for tea?

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            You can check out the above question about Harrod's. More information if you do a Google search - Harrod's Tea. If you want a light meal, I wouldn't go to one of the hotels or Harrod's. These teas are a hefty price and can replace dinner - sandwiches, scones, cakes etc.

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              Fortnum and Mason in Picadilly.

              or the Ritz, down the street from each other

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                I very much enjoyed afternoon tea at The Dorchester. Next trip, I'm having tea at the Wolsely as I've heard good comments about that.

                Consider Sunday lunch at The Ritz. That, I'll never forget.

                And know that The Ritz is fussy about more than dress code----no picture taking allowed in their restaurants.

          2. Some key points here that others have made:
            - What you want is Afternoon Tea, not High Tea.
            - The Ritz Palm Court used to be great but has gone down terribly. Avoid.
            - Someone suggested Browns. Very classy. Good.
            - Harrods. No. No. No.
            And the answer is? The Wolseley. Fantastic room. Great location. And you can choose as much as you like and not get herded into some overly expensive thing.

            Good luck.

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              how disappointing that the ritz has gone down hill.

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                Indeed, I have lovely memories of going with the family on trips to London. Or could it just be that now that I live here it seems overly touristic and overpriced? In the end, it's a lovely room, so it can never get that bad, can it?

            2. The Savoy: my favorite; all you can eat, v. posh, and they have a dress code.
              The Stafford Hotel (St. Jame's Place)... extremely quiet and very exclusive. Tea is served in a coffee-table-sofa setting.

              1. Fortnum & Mason has a long standing tradition. I've also heard good things about Claridge's. Personally I'd avoid anything involving Harrods.


                1. The responses seem to be stressing London, but the you just said "England".

                  If you have escaped the tourist traps of the South East, I would suggest the Betty's restaurants in York, Harrogate, and (much less visited by tourists from abroad) Ilkley and Northallerton. Although Betty's is a chain, it definitely does not feel like one. The prices are not exactly cheap, but thay are not silly Ritz prices, and the quality of everything is top notch. Bettys is where James Herriot (pen name) used to go for a treat on his trips into "Town". It is up to you whether you have Afternoon Tea (Tea, Cakes or Scones, and perhaps toast or toasted teacakes) or High Tea (the same but with a light meal such as ham, eggs, and chips). A similar place in Whitby is Bothams.

                  There are probably good tearooms in London, that are at least as good (and more frequented by Brits than USAians) as the 5 star hotels mentioned by other posters. At these hotels you are paying for the snob value rather than anything genuinely British (ie an experience that more than 0.05% of Brits will ever see). Most Brits are NOT Bertie Wooster !

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                    Spot on with the commentary, YP.

                    Betty's is a great experience. A Fat Rascal and cup of their coffee from the island of St Helena. Wonderful. The full afternoon tea at £14.50 looks excellent value.

                    I only know the Magpie Cafe in Whitby - almost without doubt the country's best fish and chips.

                    These comments are being grudgingly spat out, of course - coming as I do from t'other side of the Pennines. Ha, ha.