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Jul 25, 2007 09:08 PM

Lancaster next week...Are we on the right track?

We visited Lancaster about 3 years ago for a convention, and we pretty much ate at one place the entire time (see below). I did some research on the boards, and I found a couple of other places. Is there anywhere else we should visit while we're here at the convention this year?

All of us are foodies from Los Angeles so we have some level of expectation, but we can survive in Lancaster for five days (the other part of our trip we'll be in Philly :0)
Two of us are Vegan; not every place needs to have vegan options, but i'd be nice to have 1-2 other vegan places than the Vietnamese place.

Lanvina Vietnamese Restaurant (this is where we ate 5 days in a row last time)

What else I found:

Issac's Deli
The Belvedere Inn
Olive & Jasmine Asian Bistro
Cafe Chocolate of Lititz
Taj Mahal Indian Restraurant
The Udder Choice (probably too far)
Effie Ophelia

Anywhere else you would recommend?


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  1. Mazzi's Leola Rt 23 is good, especially their Sunday Brunch

    Donecker's Ephrata Chefs tasting menu includes wine


    1. We travel to the Lancaster area at least one a year and just got back from our most recent trip. There is actually some great food in the area if you know where to look. You have some great options so far.

      If you need vegan options, Cafe Chocolate in Lititz is an excellent choice. They have an all organic menu with many vegan options. The atmosphere is not fancy at all, but I recommend you bring a bottle of wine, ask for one of the tables out back and enjoy a relaxing night of good food. While in Lititz, definitely do some shopping (it is a very cute area) and head to Wilbur Chocolates. Also the General Sutter Inn in Lititz has a beautiful outdoor patio if you want to stop for drinks and snacks (my dinner there was not very sucessful).

      I would also recommend the Cove in Lancaster. It is dfinitely off the beaten path, and it (amazingly) has a beautiful outdoor deck overlooking the water. Great fresh seafood.

      Don't miss Doneckers in Ephrata if you are looking for upscale. Their chef tasting menu is AMAZING and is a bargain at $65pp, paired with wine.

      Also, there are some great brewery restaurants, such as Stoudts in Adamstown and Lancaster Brewing in Lancaster, where you can get some great sandwiches and beer.

      1. We love the Belvedere Inn.. great food, atmosphere, lounge upstairs and a deck off the second floor for dining. If you go, ask for Brad or Mark for your server.. tell them Brian and Leo sent you. Enjoy!

        1. Of the places you mentioned, here are the ones I've tried:

          Isaac's - Good soup and ok sandwiches, but expensive for what you get. $30 for two sandwiches and two bowls of soup is too much.

          Olive & Jasmine's - Good pan-Asian - Chinese, Japanese, sushi, Thai, etc - definitely vegetarian options, but I don't know about vegan.

          Cafe Chocolate - I just had tea, but definitely not my style - friendly people, but pretentious and new agey.

          Taj Mahal - I'm no authority on Indian food, but I like this place. They have a great buffet on Monday nights and a smaller one at lunchtime. Plenty of vegetarian options here, but again, I don't know about vegan.

          The Udder Choice - Great pie and ice cream - so-so sandwiches - very inexpensive - probably not worth the trip from Lancaster city

          For other somewhat casual places, I would add the following:

          Doc Holiday's on Harrisburg Pike - cowboy-style steak house with very good prime rib, excellent fish & chips, and last night I had the best burger I've had in a long time. Not much there for a vegan, though.

          Lombardo's on Harrisburg Pike - Best red sauce Italian in town. Don't miss the eggplant fries.

          Rice & Noodles on Lititz Pike - Another Vietnamese place with fabulous pho.

          Yang's on Lititz Pike - traditional Chinese, one of the best in Lancaster

          Ichiban on Fruitville Pike - Sushi and hibachi

          Bridgeport Family Restaurant - local joint - best and cheapest breakfast in town - outrageous blueberry pancakes

          1. Try Lemongrass Thai on Route 30 across from the Rockvale Square outlets.

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              Lemongrass owners just opened a new restaurant in Reading.
              Name is Thaiwat. It is good.