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Jan 2, 2006 02:01 PM

Looking for best sandwhiches

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I'm looking for the best sandwhiches around San Francisco. So far I have to say Little Lucca's on El Camino is best so far. I'm going to try Darby Dan's today. Any other places that serves up great sandwhiches?

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    Robert Lauriston

    Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store in SF.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Where is that Mario's place?

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        i will cross town for their eggplant cutlet with swiss and roasted red peppers.
        just as good up the street is a roast pork sandwich from L'osteria del Forno. As is the sausage pepper and onion sandwich at molinari's.

        the Cuban at Birley's in Embarcadero 4 is also high up on my list.

        Also, the fresh roasted trukey sandwiches at the Arguello Market at Arguello and Cabrillo are really good.

        Still getting up the gumption to head up to the sandwich shop at 9th and market that everyone keeps touting...
        forget the name though.

          1. re: Steve

            or maybe 11th and market?
            someone on this board mentioned a sandwich shop on market that caters to teh civic cneter crowd and usually gets super crowded by noon but the line moves fast, and they sandwiches are great and it's only take out and i think they mentioned you get a pickle....

            i will have to go back through the board and do a search.

            1. re: jupiter

              It's btw 10th & 11th on Market. I forget the name as well but it's a woman's name if that helps any. The hot pastrami sandwich is excellent!

              1. re: DezzerSF

                You must be thinking of M@L on 14th and Market? Is this the place your thinking of?

                1. re: Steve

                  I had to ask my dad for the name (he still works in the area).

                  Quincy's! (I guess it could be a woman's name, ha)

                  1. re: DezzerSF

                    That's the one!!!!!

                  2. re: Steve

                    I had to ask my dad for the name (he still works in the area).

                    Quincy's! (I guess it could be a woman's name, ha)

        1. Submarine Center at 820 Ulloa St in West Portal.

          Get the Atomic.

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          1. re: tedm

            I second Sub Center. I stick with the turkey however.

          2. have you tried Darby Dans? how is it, and do you like it more than Little Lucca?

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            1. re: rina

              I did try Darby Dan's yesterday, and have to say that little lucca's is way better than darby dan's. First the LL's sandwiches are not only bigger, but definitely a lot heavier. DD puts a garlic mayonaise in their sandwhiches, it has a subtle flavor. LL puts their own garlic sauce on their which is very intense, just the way I like it. The bread that DD also uses doesn't taste as fresh as LL. Price wise, I the turkey ham and bacon cost $6.50 compared at DD to $5.50 at LL. Overall I would have to say LL wins by a landslide. But thats just my opinion, try it out and see for yourself.

              1. re: good eats

                To each their own, I like DD and Little Luca. Although LL is a little to dirty for my taste. But, I think It might be a little unfair of you to complain about the bread being stale, given this was a long weekend and there was no fresh bread delivery since Fri.

                1. re: Steve

                  You're right on the bread part, I could have been having stale bread. As for the dirty part, I don't mind my places being dirty. For all I know, places that look clean could be just as dirty as any other hole in the wall.

            2. Here I go again, beating a dead horse! Ted's Deli on 11th and Howard in the city is my favorite.

              They offer a full line of deli sandwiches, hot sandwiches,( Pastrami and roast pork are terrific) and freshly made salads.

              Drive down Howard and just look for the line of double parked cars. Don't worry about getting a ticket because half the cars double parked are police cars.

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              1. re: Steve
                Melanie Wong

                No dead horse, Steve! Ted's Deli is a find. I wasn't thrilled with the pastrami (too stringy and wet) but it was an ENORMOUS sandwich for 5 bucks. And, it must be a popular choice because it took me THREE tries before I could order one. Sells out early. Nice folks too. I'll try the roast pork next time.

              2. I hate to tell people about this one because they are already sooo busy, but Marina subs on Union is killer.