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Jul 25, 2007 09:07 PM

Las Vegas Sushi Help....Which one is the best?


Can anyone give their two cents on which sushi place is the best place to go for a great dinner? We are deciding among...Sushi Roku (Caesars), Okada (Wynn) and Nobu. We are looking for the best sushi, not necessarily the "place to be!" :-) Thanks so much for your help!!

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  1. Definitely Okada. It excels in quality and preparation of the fish, in its friendly chefs, and in its beautiful environment. Sushi Roku is pretty good, but not quite in the same league in any of the three categories. I've found Nobu to be particularly disappointing with respect to sushi; it's safer stick to non-sushi items here.

    1. i've eaten many times at shintaro at bellagio. always found the sushi to be excellent. don't know how it compares to okada, and never see shintaro mentioned here, but i'd go back tomorrow.

      1. not sure if you went already... but sushi roku was a good "place to be" but foodwise... ehh..... haven't been to the others though...

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          While I don't think you will have misgivings at any place, I do like Nobu because of their very unique sashimi and sushi offerings. Okada is awesome. I just find that from a food perspective, Nobu dinners are more memorable.

        2. Okada would be my choice. I have had Sushi Roku & was not at all impressed.
          I can't comment on Nobu, as I have never dined there.

          1. Of the three you list Nobu is by far the best, and is, in fact, the best sushi in the city--if you're looking for authenticity and unusual ingredients. There's more than sushi there too--the chef's tasting menu (Omakasa) is the best way to experience the cuisine (which includes a nice traditional sushi course) and is offeres in two price tiers $115, $135--I believe). We've had this meal six times and it's excellent. However, the most recent time--earlier this month--was very good, though it lacked the distinct "wow" factor we experienced in our other visits. We learned that the chef has moved on to Social House in TI, which we have yet to eat at, but I think is worth a try. The other issue here is dealing with the Hard Rock which can get quite unruly. Okada is good too but I left hungry after a $300 meal (the Wynn effect), and Sushi Roku is too trendy. If you're a local, don't want to spend that much, or don't mind a bit of a drive Momo Sushi in Henderson (on Stephanie) is fantastic, friendly and affordable. What sets them apart is the quality of their ingredients. Be sure to ask about their specials--Aji sashimi (have the skeleton fried), shishamo, fresh uni, live king prawns, and fresh wasabi. Another great place is the tiny Koto in Henderson (on Eastern). They have great cooked dishes and sushi both. Distinguish yourself a foodie and the husband and wife chef-manager team will take excellent care of you. Keep away from "all-you-can-eat" places. Enjoy.

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              I heard that Koto has been sold & they are now, I believe as of today, operating by another owner. Boo-hoo. I loved that place.

              1. re: dbug31

                Is it still a Japonese restaurant? Do you know if they will still have the AYCE? That is indeed terrible news.

                1. re: TDS1

                  It will be reopening as a sushi restaurant, I believe called islands sushi (it may have a hawaiian theme). It is under new ownership and will have new chefs. Don't know about AYCE. It is extremely sad, because Koto was a terrific place with great people and fantastic food.

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                      Anyone have any update on Island Sushi (formally known as Koto)? Has it re-opened yet? I am curious to know if they preserved the AYCE.