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Jul 25, 2007 08:56 PM

Lox in Minneapolis

Where is the best place to get lox (to go) in Minneapolis? Anywhere besides Lunds or Byerly's? And please, no conversation about bagels and NYC.

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  1. If you're looking for NYC style lox, you're going to be dissappointed. Growing up in NY, I remember going to an appetizing store and they would hand carve the lox. I don't know if they still do that there, but I don't think anyone does that here (anymore).

    I usually compromise and get mine at Costco (it's not bad).

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      1. re: bluesman13

        I've also heard really good things about Costco's lox, never bought it myself though.

        I'm trying to think of who has a deli counter and would carve you lox right there - maybe Cecils like chris said or maybe Fleishmans (Fishmans?) in St. Louis Park?

        1. re: katebauer

          Hardly anyone makes true lox anymore...most of what you'll find is smoked salmon, whereas lox is technically brined and is quite a bit saltier than smoked salmon. There is a milder version of lox commonly referred to as "Nova Lox" that is brine cured, but in a weaker concentration of salt, and not for as long a period. Enough with the technicalities. Try Byerly's in SLP on 100 & 36th. They have an entire section of the store dedicated to Kosher meat & prepared goods...and say hi to Shimon for me.

        2. Funny you mentioned that, because I was going to say that it might be worth your time to check with Ingebretsen's - I've seen thinly sliced salmon there before, although I don't know if it's smoked or brined.

          I know for a fact that Fishman's has lox.

          I wasn't even thinking of New York bagels when I saw the title of the thread, but you now have put them in my head by mentioning them. :)

          Ingebretsens Scandinavian Gifts
          1601 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

          Fishman's Delicatessen and Bakery
          4100 Minnetonka Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

          1. re: bluesman13

            About the comment about NYC lox, it seems to me that that might not be the standard, considering how good the scandanavians are with salmon, and considering that there is a sizable scandanavian population here. It seems like there would be some good specialty lox here

            1. re: FishMPLS

              Many people equate lox with any form of cured salmon. The folks who are speaking emphatically about NYC lox know that is not accurate.

              Lox is from the Jewish tradition. Although Scandinavians do a lot of things with salmon, they are better known for gravlax than lox.

              Lox is mild-cured salmon (soaked in brine for long periods, then soaked to remove the salt) that has been cold smoked.

              Gravlax is fillets of salmon rubbed with a mixture of coarse salt, sugar and white pepper, placed meat side against meat-side with mustard and dill and pressed with weights in a chilled environment. The salmon is then sliced paper-thin and served with pumpernickel bread, sour cream, capers, onion, and lemon. Other spellings are gravadlax and gravlax.

              The two definitions come from here:

              And frankly, the folks who know traditional lox may well take issue with that last phrase about lox being cold smoked. Either way, the point remains: lox is not a synonym for cured salmon.

              If what you're really looking for is lox, you're not likely to find it at Ingebretsens. Gravlax, maybe. Smoked salmon, absolutely. But not lox. But then again, you may not find true lox at Byerly's, Fishman's or Cecil's.

              Here's an article that explains quite a bit more about that: