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Jul 25, 2007 08:49 PM


I will be coming into town this weekend with my boyfriend and his Dad. After making a last minute change for our reservations for Friday night I settled on Sola.

Is this a good choice? We are going to MK on Saturday night so we wanted something with a different cuisine. And my boyfriend was leaning towards Asian or Asian fusion.

Zagats gave it a good review but the ratings were not up yet. I saw that it was voted Best New Restaurant in 2006 so that's always a good sign. Any reviews? Particular items I should pay special attention to?


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  1. We love Sola. The food is wonderful and the service outstanding. It's a bit pricey, likely similar to MK, but well worth it.

    1. Great choice! I went for the first time a few weeks back and loved it. I think it is less pricey than MK, and much more laid back. It's great!

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        Zagats had it listed as less pricey then MK and the menu seems less pricey (appetizers from $7-12 and main courses from $19-29.) I'm actually not the one paying so I'm more concerned about the cuisine! lol

        I was only a little concerned because Zagats hadn't given it a rating yet but it won Best New Restaurant in 2006 by Chicago Magazine so I imagine its no slouch.

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          I had a great meal there at the end of last year. Truffle fries were wonderful as a side/app. I had the stuffed lamb which was marvelous. Spent a little more than usual on the wine and had a Ridge Zinfindel (Geyserville?) which rounded it out quite well. Can't remember dessert, but I remember leaving thinking that I would definitely come back, which I haven't only becuase its not convenient to where I live, but it was a great expereince.

      2. It's been open quite a while, no reason for Zagat not to have rated it (that being said, I'm not so sure I'd put huge stock in any one particular review site). I really enjoy their fish preparations. The chef is usually on site, and the apps and sides are creative and tasty. Definitely get the fries for the table, and eat them while they are piping hot.

        1. Food is very good especially if you like seafood with sort of a hawaiian/asian influence- which I love. Try and get a table outside if you can both because of the atmosphere but also because it can get a bit loud inside.