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Jul 25, 2007 08:40 PM

PDX: Buffalo Gap....Chili

Stopped by Buffalo Gap off Macadam to have a drink, and ordered the chili...not sure what my expectations were, but very pleasantly surprised...lots of chunks of ground beef, very good, very above average...might even stop by there again tomorrow :)

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  1. PDXChilihead has been trying just about every chili in town. Here's what he had to say about Buffalo Gap's:

    The Buffalo Gap (6835 SW Macadam/503-244-7111): Badlands Chili, $4.25/cup or $6.50/bowl. It had an inviting aroma and color, but was on the thick side this time. There was a good amount of meat, and a few chunks. There was mildly visible grease and it was in the taste. There are no beans. No tomatoes were seen, but there were some onions, and too many green peppers! Red wine was used. Spice wise it's not well balanced, and had an off flavor, probably due to some different spice, it was just OK. Med/5 heat. Topped with onions; an OK amount of cheese is $.50 extra. Cheddar corn muffins on the side.

    Personally, I'm a big fan of Podnah's because it's beanless and uses BBQ'd brisket. I'd like to try Iron Horse's, too, though, which PDXChilihead liked and is more typical.

    1. I've tried the Buffalo Gap's chili a couple of times over the years and it has been somewhat consistent. The last time it was loaded with green peppers. My problem with it is their use of "27 herbs and spices". Way too much for a simple bowl of chili!