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Jul 25, 2007 08:26 PM

Early lunch near Beverly Center

Lunch, not breakfast, 10:30-11, flavorful and ample, pleasant surroundings but not overly fancy or pricey. The Daily Grill that served this purpose before is gone. Need for tomorrow--I know you guys will come through for me. Thanks in advance.

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      1. re: Fru

        Looks close enough. Is valet parking avoidable? Opinions certainly are all over the lot as to food and service, but it is the kind of place I was looking for.

      2. re: Faulkner99

        What have you liked there? Is my impression correct that these are for light-bite sandwiches in an upscale take-away/catering setting, or have I missed something? (I am assuming you meant "Little Next Door", as there's no lunch menu on the Little Door website.)

        1. re: Lee by the Sea

          Anything available to take away can also be eaten on premises in both places and in appropriate surroundings. They both are meant to serve dual purposes. They have sandwiches, salads, pastas, and simpler fare, yet for lunch, and especially at that hour, I cannot imagine too many places offering major food items, as in steak, chops, etc.

          1. re: carter

            What about the Farmers Market on Fairfax? Great for people watching so not necessarily pleasant surroundings as much as interesting surroundings.

            1. re: Lee by the Sea

              Joan's on Third has a much broader range of selection for lunch than The Little Next Door. Both are excellent, but I'd go to Joan's first if you've never been to either.

              BLD, despite the mixed reviews here, is pleasant and I've only had good food there. (Seems to depend on what you order.)

              I'm pretty sure that you could order lunch dishes at Toast too.

            1. A block east is just a simple coffee shop, Jan's, but they have good food, large portions at reasonable prices. I also agree with Farmers Market.

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              1. re: paprkutr

                There's no way the OP is looking for a place like Jan's ...

                1. re: QualityMart

                  Sorry to disagree with you, but if they want something simple and reasonable, in a retro place there is nothing wrong with Jan's. They have decent food, no they are not a upscale place but the food is decent and reasonable. Someone below mentioned Ed's which is not fancy, but they have good decent food at reasonable prices. They are one of the few places that can always get an omelette soft, not runny, they are consistent and good.

                  1. re: paprkutr

                    Kudos to you! You qualified your suggestion in your recommendation in the first place. It's too bad you had to justify it again.

              2. Little Next Door
                Newsroom Cafe
                Ed's Coffee Shop (on Robertson)... one of my fave hole-in-the-wall coffee shops with reliable food and service