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Jul 25, 2007 08:01 PM

Good, Reasonable Place Near St. Marks...

Any suggestions for a dinner near St. Marks? Not too expensive, any type of food. Have already tried Holy Basil and of course Mermaid Inn, Hearth, Una Pizza Napoletana, Momofuku, and S'Mac. Any other gems in the area?

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  1. Kanoyama
    Ramen Setagaya
    Otafuku for my 'pus balls
    Yakitori Taisho (Sorry snobs, but I like everything about this cramped joint)
    Sharaku (not destination. But they have my favorite yellowtail collar)
    Cafe Mogador and Nomad for my Moroccan lamb shank craving.

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    1. re: DarthEater

      second Mogador...always reliable and tasty

    2. Cacio e Pepe, Cafe Orlin, Cafe Mogador

        1. soba-ya
          degustation - kind of close, 5th street and 2nd.

            1. re: eastvillageater

              Klong has some of the worst food i've ever eaten in NYC