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Good, Reasonable Place Near St. Marks...

Any suggestions for a dinner near St. Marks? Not too expensive, any type of food. Have already tried Holy Basil and of course Mermaid Inn, Hearth, Una Pizza Napoletana, Momofuku, and S'Mac. Any other gems in the area?

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  1. Kanoyama
    Ramen Setagaya
    Otafuku for my 'pus balls
    Yakitori Taisho (Sorry snobs, but I like everything about this cramped joint)
    Sharaku (not destination. But they have my favorite yellowtail collar)
    Cafe Mogador and Nomad for my Moroccan lamb shank craving.

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      second Mogador...always reliable and tasty

    2. Cacio e Pepe, Cafe Orlin, Cafe Mogador

        1. soba-ya
          degustation - kind of close, 5th street and 2nd.

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              Klong has some of the worst food i've ever eaten in NYC

            2. Kebab House 1st Avenue. Dumpling Man on St Mark's, Ukrainian Center on 2nd between St Mark's and 9th St, Sea on 2nd Ave-4th St, for a treat walk over to Nikky's Vietnamese on 2nd and A.

              So much value for so little cost.

              1. I'm kinda wishy-washy on Mogador - great prices, fun atmosphere, the food is...ok.

                I adore Il Bagatto or Frank (ridiculous atmosphere) for Italian and Yakiniku West for awesome Japanese bbq at the table (get the short rib!!)

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                  I love Frank, but would sooner go to Li'l Frankie's or Supper, just because they're bigger and have more tables.

                  Curve ball: How about Borobudur? I went there about two years ago and enjoyed it.

                2. I love Frank (and many of the other small Italian joints).
                  La Palapa
                  Mancora for yummy Peruvian (amazing tomalies)
                  xunta for cheep tapas and sangria

                  1. Bodeguita Cubana and Kebab Garden. I totally second Frank's too

                    1. Banjara on 6th st. / 1st ave. or Brick Lane Curry house on 6th (both Indian).

                      Cafe Rakka on St. Mark's & 1st for falafel.

                      Frank's on 2nd for Italian.