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Jul 25, 2007 07:37 PM

Boneyard Bistro-Sherman Oaks? RIBS

St. Louis Style Spare Ribs vs. the Baby Back ribs?

You guys tell me which you suggest, I'm dining at this spot on Saturday.

Thank you,


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  1. Get the two rib combo and determine the answer for yourself.
    but if someone at the table orders the scampi/prawn succotash from the bistro side of the menu, you MUST taste it. That combo with bbq sauce and grilled peaches is truly wonderful, assuming you appreciate the subtleties of southern cuisine.
    And, Stuart, make sure you think about the Thumbprint wines, meaning syrah, zin, etc. It is a brand even I had never heard of, yet have now had four bottles of. Very very good red vino, among many on Aaron's list. Had the syrah last Sunday for the 2nd time, this bottle being much better than the first, meaning it probably had settled down from the shipping, and was now drinking quite wonderfully.

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    1. re: carter

      Sounds like a game plan, thank you Carter :>)

    2. I'll just say leave yourself open to the Bistro menu alternatives. I eat there Monday. The hot links aren't that hot. The cole slaw is VERY lightly dressed. The pulled pork dumplling appetizers are a MUST. For me, the onion rings look great, but are too big. The french fries are great shoestrings. The beer list is awesome, and I'm sorry, even if the wine list is great, beer is a better match with Q than wine. The dessert list is short, but the banana split has very good homemade ice cream and fresh fruit Enjoy. .

      1. Went for the first time last week. Enjoyed overall but actually found all the BBQ a bit disappointing. We tried the babybacks, brisket and tri-tip. Unfortunately the ribs were the least successful of all. But, as mentioned, the pork dumplings were fantastic. And among the choice of sides, the beans, yes the beans, were unbelievable good. So get them.

        Though I wish it weren't so, I'm afraid other posters may be right when they say, head for the Bistro side of the menu, instead of the Boneyard.

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        1. re: blevine99

          Sorry to hear the ribs aren't anything special, hows the mac n cheese side dish?

          I'm also curious how the calamari as well as the beef kinish appetizers are.

          1. re: Hypnotic23

            As calamari goes, it is good enough, yet this is being offered from someone who really does not like it at all. the salad appetizer (so. pacific or similar thought) is very tasty, and as those above have stated, the pulled pork dumplings are fabulous - had them last sunday in fact.
            The beer selection is awesome, and Aaron knows I prefer wine, yet am now starting to dive into his selection, especially on Monday nights when they are reduced in price, or on Thursday when they offer flights of beer, not wine. Good way to taste some very tasty beers. Many Belgians among many high quality bottles, and I tend to agree that beer probably does go better with the Q, but I still order from the other side of the menu most of the time.
            Cole slaw is dryish and comes with the pulled pork dumplings, btw, macNcheese is deep fried and not my thing, collard greens are a little sweeter than I might like them as are the beans, yet both quite tasty.
            Have never tried the knish.

            1. re: carter

              Went last night and they offered paella, btw, which must have included every item from the seafood section of Whole Foods, plus of course the requisite rice, but I did not eat it as I was not in the mood for that much food. May be available through Saturday!
              But did have the new cantaloupe/prosciutto/herbed cheese appetizer which was quite tasty, as the prosciutto was baconish in its cooked-ness and was wrapped around the cantaloupe. Crostini and greens also accompanied.
              Then on to the pork dumplings as a main, even though an app portion - outstanding as always.
              Had a very tasty glass of Carignan which went very well with the pork dumplings and would also go with the Q.

              1. re: carter

                Good feedback Carter, by the way since you love wine, during our private wine tasting evening at Il Tira Misu, my boss simply loved this CA. kionte wine (spelling error), you should try it yourself if you haven't.

                All the best,


        2. I know you asked about ribs (their baby backs are pretty good), but I have to say that the grilled shrimp dish with peaches and a crawfish, bacon, corn, fresh pea succotash that I had there last night was just outstanding. My SO had the salmon, which is also fantastic. I agree with other posters about the bistro side of the menu being better than the boneyard.

          Also, while the desserts are quite rich, they are not overly large. Splitting the banana split was the prefect way to end our meal last night.

          Enjoy your dinner there!

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          1. re: teach

            Just returned from my meal at this spot and here's my review. First the petite corn bread they give you for free was very tasty. For an appetizer I started with the pulled pork dumplings as suggested and they were good along with the cole slaw. Now my main dish didn't impress me at all, the ribs were average, fried mac n cheese was simply a disgusting combo and the greens weren't seasoned properly. I tried both the regular bbq sauce and the spicy, both average. I should of just ordered the #36.00 Paella.

            Live n learn, off to the next spot,


            1. re: Hypnotic23

              Curious Stuart where you really do enjoy the ribs - Aaron smokes his and serves them without sauce as you know, as opposed to many places which serve them with the sauce on and thus people taste the sauce and think they are wonderful. I personally like aaron's spicier sauce, yet ymmv!
              Agree on macNcheese - it will never be my thing, be it at the boneyard, or anywhere else. Not sure about the dressing on the greens issue - what greens did you get?
              And I assume, since there was no comment, that the succotash menu item was not ordered.
              Still feel, and sense you do too, that the bistro side of the menu is more creative, and definitely more flavorful, and most importantly, more wine-friendly.