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Jul 25, 2007 07:28 PM

Suggestions for Clinton Street/Lower East Side restaurants

I did a search for Clinton Street restaurants but did not find anything too recent.

A special relative is visiting and would like to try a nice restaurant on Clinton Steet (but not a drinking lounge) She wants to see how the 'old' neighborhood' has changed before moving to California in the 70s.

We like steaks, Mediterrean/fusion, Italian and French. Price is not a problem but the food and vibe should be excellent. Thanks to all who respond.

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  1. I just had a fantastic meal at Frankies 17 Clinton Street. Had the "Home made Cavatelli with faiccos hot sausage & browned sage butter". It's a small place & gets crowded quickly. But on a Wednesday @ 6:30 it was just perfect.

    1. Alias: comfy vibe, excellent food.

        1. re: lanadai

          Nothing can show how far off the "old neighborhood" is better than WD-50.

        2. Azul Bistro for steaks

          1. The Orchard and Apizz are both romantic, modern, and have excellent food, and have a charming vibe. Enjoy!