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Jul 25, 2007 07:24 PM

Opinions on Piquant in New Brunswick, NJ

We recently went to Piquant in New Brunswick. The concept sounded interesting and worthwhile, but we were pretty disappointed.
To me it seems they try to be an upscale creative Indian fusion restaurant but they have a very tough time to deliver on that promise. And for the very high prices the experience is ultimately disappointing.
The food was above average but not that spectacular, good flavor, ok texture and above average display. For the grilled sateen chicken the sauce was actually pretty good and flavorful but the chicken meat by itself was tasteless and not particularly well grilled.
The service was friendly and trying hard but not really efficient, attentive or competent.
We decided to have a variety of small plates (appetizers, sides and breads) and the waiter even suggested to bring everything out at the same time. Somehow, the folks in the kitchen didn't understand that so things came out in courses. We got the appetizer first, the final course eventually was one side dish and some bread.

From that one visit alone, I have no reason to go back. If the prices were more reasonable I might, but there are other options where you can get similar quality for less.
Even compared to Manhatten's Bread Bar/Table which seemingly was an influencer to the concept (and which is a much cooler place), Piquant appears expensive.

Now they are in business for more than a year, so they must do things right. Did they just have a bad day when we were there? Any other opinons on Piquant?

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  1. May just be me, but I thought it was quite good- I was there for the first time last weekend and while the prices were high (what you would expect from byob), I thought the food was better than I had anticipated.

    very, very impressed by the bread that they offered- unique and tasty. agreed with the grilling of the chicken but with indian food, its all about the sauce and it was delicious on the mahi

    1. This reviewer (last month) clearly liked Piquant though he was disappointed by the desserts.

      1. I have to agree. We were there about 6 months ago because my husband had talked with the owner and she mentioned how influenced she was by Tabla, my fav NY restaurant. Of course, it's not fair to compare Piquant to Tabla with the very considerable talents of Floyd Cardoz, the cache of New York, etc. because the ambition is much smaller and the locale is much smaller. I was, unfortunately, disappointed...because I am always hoping for restaurants to be good AND successful. It was decent but not particularly creative or tasty. If I were in the area, I would probably give it another try.