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Jul 25, 2007 06:41 PM

Santa Cruz coffee roasters or coffee bars

Anyone know of a really god coffee roaster with a cafe or a coffee bar that cares a whole lot about their expresso and coffee drinks?

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  1. Check out this previous thread:

    I buy my coffee beans from Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting. I like to buy it directly from their downtown store since they have a large selection that you can smell and ask questions about. The counter people fill the bags generously and seem to add a little "bonus" that you can't get from buying it at a store like Shopper's Corner. Save your receipts and you get a free pound for every 10 lbs. or so purchased. I only drink their brew bar coffee and do like their chai every once in a while, so haven't tried their espresso or other specialty drinks.

    I'm really digging their "Bean of the Earth" blend lately. I thought the pricier Kona bean wasn't anything special.

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      Thanks, Carb Lover. This will be a help! The link was helpful also.

    2. Westside Coffee, tucked in the shopping complex with Safeway on Mission/Younglove, is a great SC secret. The coffee from the brew bar is fantastic.

      1. You might want to try Lulu's at the Octagon (downtown on Cooper St. in front of the museum). It's the sister store to long-time favorite Lulu's on Pacific, and it is very single-mindedly focused on coffee and espresso.

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          I've only gotten single cup hot coffee at the Lulu's at the Octagon and the new brewer their (a clover vacumn brewer) makes singularly great coffee. It looks like their selection of beans is superb. This place is clearly looking to be the best choice for true coffee greatness in town.

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            I completely agree about Lulu's at the Octagon! I've had a few of their specialty coffee drinks and they are poetically smooth w/ a lovely creaminess. No one does it like that it town. The only issue I have is w/ the slow service, so I never go when I'm in a hurry. The coffee is worth the wait though...Now that we're low on coffee, I'm going to start buying their whole beans and compare to SC Coffee Roasting.

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              Is the coffee brewed with the Clover vac brewer much more expensive than other brew bar coffee? We have anew coffee shop in one of the more chichi beach towns here and I believe they want $8 or 9 a cup!