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Jul 25, 2007 06:32 PM

100% grass fed beef. Icky! Am I crazy?

I went to the greenmarket in Union Sq today and picked up a bunch of stuff. I was about to hop on the subway when I decided to text my SO. As I stood there, the seller nearest me, offered his "shade from the sun" while I texted. Then I got lured into buying his beef. I must admit that I had heard the grass fed beef might taste odd to most of us not used to it. I decided to buy the beef patties, because I did not want to spend more money if the meat wasn't to our liking. So, here I made a delicious cucumber salad, a potato salad, and jalapeno butter grilled corn. I sliced the sweet onions an heirloom tomato to put on top of our grilled burgers. We sat down and took one bite each and looked at each other with faces of disgust. We hated the taste of the meat. I seriously put my burger down and said "Let's order pizza". I figured the salads and produce would hang well until tomorrow when we can make burgers with meat from our butcher. But, am I crazy? Am I missing something? We do try to eat organically and we do love adventurous food. But we just did not like the beef. I almost feel wrong for not liking it. Thoughts?

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  1. Grassfed definitely has a unique flavor, and many people are turned off by it. You are not alone.

    1. Me too. I really wanted to like it, but I thought it was gamey and I could definitely taste that it had more flavor and less fat. We did tried it on the Big Island at Merriman's, so it was locally source. I might try it again just to be sure.

      1. I think it depends on the producer and other factors. I buy ground grassfed beef from Trader Joe's and like it quite a bit. In fact, I was expecting the worst given the complaints about the flavor. I do, however, use it for kebabs, so the aleppo pepper, mint, red pepper paste, etc. are adding (and potentially masking) flavor.

        1. Can't say you don't have a right to your taste - but I wonder what you expected, and how you'd describe what you tasted (and what about it you disliked).

          I had some and remarked "gosh this actually tasted like beef, not cardboard."

          1. I've been purchasing grass fed ground beef from a local family farm at our farmers market for a couple of years and it has been consistently good. I tried a steak a year or so ago and wasn't impressed but I can't remember if I bought it from the farmer or WF. Anyway, I really want to like it as well and I understand it can vary from farmer to farmer and seasonally. Last weekend on impulse I decided to try again and I bought one ribeye on the bone and one strip from the same farm. I wasn't expecting a lot but they were awesome. Some of the best steak I've had in a long time - flavorful - beefier, chewy but still tender. If you care about eating pastured beef you might keep trying different sources until you find one you like.