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Jul 25, 2007 05:19 PM

Your favorite restaurants in Paris - a little survey

I'm hoping you all can help me narrow down my ever increasing list of restaurants in Paris. Please give me your favorites in the following approximate price ranges (as many or as little as you want):

Under $30 per person

$30-$60 per person

$60-$90 per person

$90-$120 per person

Anything over $120 is pushing it, but if you have any favorites that are a little higher that's okay too :)

We have 6 lunches and 6 dinners to choose. We want to eat at a variety of places with one night being the splurge dinner. Maybe one or two higher end lunches as well, but we'll probably stick with bistros and not-too-formal restaurants. Also, we're leaning towards French food.

Any advice would be great! We have a long list of super fancy, formal, expensive "once in a lifetime" places, but nothing much in the "this lifetime" range :)

Anna & Mike

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  1. Aux Lyonnais - a bistro in the Alain Ducasse empire was my best meal there. Fabulous quality that is not dirt cheap but affordable. Oeuf Mollete with morels and asparagus. yum.

    Chez Denise is classic bistro fare in very large portions with tables so close together that it's real community. Fun and tasty. Excellent value.

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      I was sorely disappointed by Aux Lyonnais, after all the positive reports. I had the menu of charcuterie, quenelles, and a seasonal berry dish. Nothing special. A l'Ami Jean, a bit more expensive and infinitely better.

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        Well, the Ducasse experience... At least you did not spend 400e per person.

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          I have eaten there many times and enjoyed it each time. To get best out of it you need to choose the more "extreme" dishes that are less common in other restaurants.

          To paraphrase Fergus Henderson (chef at St John in London), it is real "nose to tail eating". For example on the last visit my wife had a great pigs head sausage.

      2. None of these places costs a fortune, they're all French, and they're not far from metro stations.

        Check Chez Denise's vacation time - someone posted that they're closed August 14-20. If they're open, it's a fun spot. If you get the haricot de mouton, it's enough for two people easily. They also have some kind of gigantic slab of beef that I'm not sure is on the menu - but if you describe it, they'll know what you mean. Open M-F but not weekends, too. As in they open Monday morning and they close Friday night. I suppose you could go there at 3:00 am if you had severe jet lag.

        My prices are real guesses since the euro is getting up toward $1.50. Some meals were lunches, others dinner - so there's a bit of variability there, too.

        Bistrot du Dome - seafood ($60 per person w/wine)
        1, rue Delambre, 14th - Telephone: 014 3353200

        Boucher du Roulière - steaks and meat & bistrot food ($40 per person?)
        24, Rue des Canettes, 75006

        Le Louchebem - steaks ($40 per person?) - in case you forget Chez Denise is closed, it's across the street

        Chez Jenny - Alsatian - $25 per person if you share a choucroute...

        I don't think it's possible to eat lunch and dinner at these places without exploding. There's always lighter stuff like Falafel in the Marais, or flammekuche at O'Neil's...

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          Thing is, you are gonna end up writing your own guide, Mike and Anna! What makes you think asking for more recommendations is gonna help you shorten your list?

          Anyway, as per your request, here my favourites in each price range:

          Under 30$ (that's a bit more than 20€!) -- no good French place I can think of, save some lunch menus, say at La Rotonde. Number of great bakerie for that price range. My favorites: Pichard rue Cambronne (buy cheese, ham and fruits from Produits d'Auvergne up the street), Le Grenier a Pain rue Paul Barruel and avenue d'Italie, BE bd de Courcelles, Kayser almost everywhere (see, Julien rue Saint Dominique and rue Saint Honoré.

          In that price range, I favour good simple Asian places such as Thao Ly rue Berthollet or Pho 14 avenue de Choisy. And there is a tiny little pizzeria rue Mademoiselle.

          30-60$ is 20-40€+. Now you have the range of menus of the good bistrots. My favorites are le Troquet rue Bonvin, l'Antre-amis rue Bouchut (, la Regalade avenue Jean Moulin, and now les Cocottes rue Saint Dominique as well as La Fontaine de Mars -- nearby.

          40-60€+: the sames, not on menus, and on menus, Le Duc (fish), le bistro d'a coté rue Flaubert, le bistrot d'a coté avenue de Villiers, le bistrot côté mer (fish) bd saint germain, tante Louise rue Boissy d'Anglas (rognons!), le Gourmet des Ternes bd de Courcelles (steak and baba), les fables de la Fontaine rue saint-Dominique, Chez l'Ami Jean rue Malar, l'Absinthe place du marché Saint Honoré.

          60-80€+: lunch menus at Les Elysées (59€) rue Vernet is my favorite in this price range; places I mentioned before, but off menu. This is borderline for l'Atelier de JR, Senderens, Le Violon d'Ingres. Le Relais du Parc avenue Poincaré, my favorite Ducasse place with BE. Vin sur vin, rue Montessuy. Also l'Angle du faubourg, the Taillevent bistrot, rue du faubourg Saint Honoré.

          Lac Hong rue Lauriston is exceptional vietnamese; Sormani rue du Général Lanrézac for Italian; Wally for saharian couscous.

          80-100€+: lunch menu at Rostang (79€) rue Rennequin or Taillevent rue Lamenais (70€) or Ledoyen (85€); Senderens place de la Madeleine; l'Atelier de JR (borderline for La Table de JR too, avenue Bugeaud);

          Tong Yen (Chinese


          And for more: lunch menu at savoy, king of party (menu 100e from the regular carte, expensive wines), and the top notch restaurants are as usual L'Ambroisie, Gagnaire and l'Arpège (400€ tasting menu in truffle season, enjoy), the later two offering "bargain" lunch menus at 95 and 130 resp.

          In August, it reduces to whatever is open: MacDonalds, La Rotonde, Senderens, l'Atelier de JR, la Table de JR, l'Arpège

          1. re: souphie

            Thank you souphie! :) I guess I figure the more people that recommend a certain place, the more that place stands out on my list as a probable choice for a meal. Thank you for your patience with me!

            1. re: annamikemc

              20 - 40 euros - Le Scheffer
              40 - 60 euros - L'Os A Moelle, L'Ami Jean, Astier, Florimond, Mon Veil Ami
              60 - 80 euros - Ze Kitchen Gallerie, Pils en Face, lunch perhaps at one of the pricier guys like Rostang or Savoy

        2. Hi Anna, Hoping you'd share what you've already come up with...thanks so much.

          1. We had a fabulous time in Paris, my son had just moved there and scoped out great places without spending a fortune:

            Le Pre' Verre (8 Rue Thenard) - very busy at dinner, pre fix lunch under 30e per person
            Le Clos des Gourmets (16 Avenue Rapp) - my favorite dinner, under 45e per person pre fix (and a great walk to shimmering eiffel tower after dinner)
            Ribouldinque (10 rue St. Julien le Pauvre) - excellent little place, under 40e per person

            Don't miss the falafel sandwich @ L'As du Falafel, Paris in the Marais. Hit the Bastille Market then walk over to this neighborhood for the best sandwich ever!!!!

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