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Ryleigh's Oyster

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on Cross Street. Anyone been? How is the oyster selection? What is the beer selection like?

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  1. They just renovated not too long ago. I haven't been, but my friend down the street wentnd said the food was terrible.

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      the place was renovated a a few months back. it's much bigger with a great beer selection and a great atmosphere. be sure to try the orange, watermelon, and grapefruit crushes. not sure who told you the food is horrible but, it's actually awesome. check out the baltimore city paper review by click on the link below. crab cakes, steak salad, tuna tar tar, and raw bar are all awesome.


    2. I've been, didn't try the oysters. I noticed that their wine selection got a lot bigger since the renovation, but didn't really look at the beer.

      I did however, have a delicious steak sandwich, that was actually cooked Med Rare, with bleu cheese. Very yummy.

      1. Went to Ryleigh's last night and thought it was quite good. Got steamed oysters w/ a tomato butter for an app, which were delicious and beautifully presented. My fiancee got the salmon, which came w/ potatoes and asparagus. She said the highlight of the dish was the mustard sauce that it came with. I had the aforementioned steak sandwich and also thought it was quite good. I would have like a bit more bleu cheese, but that's just my personal preference. Just moved in to the neighborhood about a month ago, so glad to find another good spot within walking distance. Next to try: Metropolitan.

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          You can never had enough blue cheese!
          How was the oyster selection?

        2. oyster selection is ok. they have 5 or 6 different kinds daily, but the prices are quite steep, $10-$13 per half dozen. actually on tuesday night they have dollar oyster night. beer selection is pretty standard. nothing out of the ordinary. the crush drinks are good and addictive, but at $7.50 or $8 a piece they can quickly put a huge dent in your wallet. here's the recipe: crushed ice, orange vodka, fresh squeezed orange juice, triple sec, a quick shot of sprite, and simple syrup. your best bet for food is actually one of the burgers. the menu is not really great. there are some alluring options, but no matter how good things look on the menu, you will most likely be disappointed in reagrds to taste.

          if you want plentiful and cheaper oysters, $10-$13 per dozen, then go to shuckers in fells. they always are decent for oysters, and a few drinks.