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Jul 25, 2007 04:51 PM

Texas Roadhouse, the ribs are pretty good!

I really don’t like chains and it is rarely my choice to go to one but hubs ate at The Texas Roadhouse when he was in Louisville, KY and enjoyed it so we decided to try the one in Nashua. Entering you are treated as if you are in a theme park with perky young waitstaff asking if you have eaten there before and therefore do you know the drill? Hubs did. I didn’t! You have the option of selecting a cut of meat before you are seated and I must say there were some lovely looking steaks in the case. We were led to our booth; dodging peanut shells all over the floor. (It is reminiscent of the old ground round), You are given a bucket of peanuts and expected (encouraged) to just throw the shells on the ground.( Call me crazy but I don’t do it at home and have a really hard time doing it out!) We ordered the shrimp skewer appetizer ..half a dozen shrimp on a skewer laid on top of garlic bread with a garlic butter sauce. Quite tasty. Followed by a rack of ribs and the standard choice of 2 sides. We chose …Caesar salads, mashed spuds, mixed vegetable. The ribs were fantastic, moist, very meaty and falling of the bone with a nice crust. Really good! Caesar was crisp with a nice dressing.
Two other observations…every half hour or so the music is cranked and some of the waitstaff go into a line dance presentation…quite funny depending on the enthusiasm of the particular team. And why do these chains not put prices on the drink menus? I ordered the house margarita and it was quite reasonable at $6.75 but why should you have to guess?
All in all the ribs were excellent for a chain.

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  1. I love texas road house too. Only been to the one in Methuen. I love the ribs and the ribeye steaks are very good. Those buns are very nice. It's a great chain. A bit noisy but I expect it.

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      We have one near my house and I enjoy going there. The ribs are yummy, they just fall off the bone. I prefer TR to Lone Star which is across the street from it.

    2. I ate at a Texas Roadhouse in WV the last time I visited my grandmother and was really surpised by the quality of the food. We really enjoyed the biscuits with sweet butter, my pulled pork sandwich was outstanding, as were the fries and coleslaw. My husband's steak was good as well and my grandmother thoroughly enjoyed her ribs. I almost never say this about a chain but I was sad that there isn't one near where I live so I could indulge more often.

      1. One of our favorite chains we eat at. Ribs are always excellent and the steaks are very good and priced below any other steak place by us. Our Texas Roadhouse (Glendale Az) doesn't let you pick out the steak you want via the window and I have never seen them break out in a line dance presentation. Sometimes when I don't feel like a large meal, I order the ribs or shrimp off the appetizer menu.

        1. Is this the chain with fresh brewed root beer?

          1. There is a Texas Roadhouse about half a mile from where I formerly lived,and in many places I occasionally visit.I have always found it reliable,with at least decent service (they stray sometimes into the Waiter-as-buddy area where they sit down with you to write your order,and that aggravates me,but it doesnt ruin the meal).I think the meat is Choice,and usually cooked to order.Ribeyes usually satisfy.I think the TR offers good value vis-a-vis Outback for example.But I just do not understand the sugary yeast rolls,what is that all about? I say save the sugar for dessert,a nice yeast roll with real butter stands on its own.One additional note-they have some decent (not world class) chili and they are proud to say it has no beans.

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              i love those yeast rolls. one of the reasons i go here at least once every couple months