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Jul 25, 2007 04:13 PM

birthday cake

I need to get a cake for a bunch of special events this weekend. Because it will be served at brunch, and we'll want to cut a lot of smallish pieces, I'd rather a sheet cake than a layer cake, but all the places I've checked only make layer cakes. Any suggestions? Chocolate preferred, of course. And someplace reasonably close to Cambridge or Newton. Thanks.

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  1. this may be controversial but we love the sheet cakes from costco. the best one is yellow cake w/ chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting (it is really white frosting). in my opinion it is far better than the chocolate one. in addition, you can't beat the price--$15 for a giant cake.

    1. I'd be shocked if the better cake places, such as Icing on the Cake in Newton and Party Favors in Brookline, wouldn't make a sheet cake for you. Between the two, I much prefer Icing on the Cake.

      Costco also offers surprisingly good sheet cakes, basically for free.

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        There's a bakery in Chelsea (i don't know the name though...but i have this at many parties at my in-law's) that does a wonderful sheet cake with whipped cream frosting and a filling of strawberry.......not as sweet as strawberry jam, but not as gluey as jelly donut strawberry filling. Also, they tend to use a lot of whole fresh strawberries as cake decorations. There's never any leftovers when this cake goes to a party.

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          I second the cake from Costco. Also BJs are darn good.

        2. Quebrada Bakery in Arlington makes delicious sheet cakes. They also have a location in Newton.

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            One in Arlington, one in Wellesley, none in Newton.

          2. Lyndell's in Somerville will make a sheet cake for you.

            1. Antoine's in Nonantum will do a sheet cake - I got a great cake with whipped cream icing for my mom's 60th birthday there.