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Jul 25, 2007 03:05 PM

TJ's noodles in a box

TJ's recently began selling rady to heat Kung Pao and Pad Thai noodles in small boxes. Ok, I'm sure they are not as good as fresh, but are they reasonably tasty approximations? Or should I just ignore them?

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  1. The satay flavor is good, the kung pao and pad thai are not.

    1. I haven't had the satay flavor, but I have had and enjoyed both the kung pao and pad thai flavors. I found the noodles fairly decent and sauces not overly cloying or gloppy. I added a fair bit of chili sauce to both kinds. For a couple of bucks and 2 minutes in the microwave with no water, they're a workday lunch staple for me now.

      1. Had the Satay noodles earlier for lunch! Tried the other 2 but didn't like the way they tasted. The satay has a nice, peanutty sauce. Super convenient for work & you dont need to wash a dish afterwards cause it's self contained : )

        1. I've been buying different brands of these (from my local supermarket) to keep at my desk for days when I forget/am too lazy to pack a lunch. So when I saw the TJ ones and looked that there werent a lot of preservatives in them I bought a few. I couldnt make myself finish even half of the peanut noodle one before I threw it out.

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            I also tried the peanut satay and thought it was cloying and vile.

          2. I tried the kung pao, but I added some leftover kung pao chicken that I had in the fridge. I liked it, but I'm not sure I would have liked the noodles by themselves. I'd be willing to try the others and doctor them up a bit to see if they are good for a quick lunch.