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Jul 25, 2007 02:41 PM

Help me choose - girl and the fig or K&L Bistro?

Have opportunity to dine at either one. Any preference, and why? I know one is in Sonoma and one is in Sebastopol, but both are about same distance from our house.

Looking for relaxed atmosphere, good food and casual/friendly service. Thanks!

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  1. I love The Girl & The Fig . . .

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    1. re: zin1953

      One vote for G & F! Thanks! Any particular dish you like?

      1. re: Cindy

        Another vote here!
        More than any specific dish, I have the lingering memory of a very pleasant, fulfilling (pun intended!) experience.

        1. re: Cindy

          Cindy, I have never had a bad meal there -- never a bad experience. Everything I've had there has been delicious, and as RicRios says, more than anything specific, everytime I eat there, I leave feeling happy and without a sense that "this" could have been _____, or "that" could have been ________. Were I in charge of the restaurant, I wouldn't have changed a thing -- and tht's a pretty great feeling . . .

      2. We like K&L. Had the "Business Lunch," Sand dabs were perfect. Others enjoyed the Mussels and the Crab Cakes. Special of the day - Grilled Sardines (Friday). Great service too.

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        1. re: Sarah

          i'd vote for the girl and the fig...lovely pace

        2. I like K and L
          a particular favorite the carmelized onion tart with blue cheese and apple.
          Lovely desserts

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. We had the best dinner of our vacation (a few years ago now....) at Girl and the Fig. What a meal! Hubby had a prix fixe and i had a veggy thing...i remember the desserts were incredible.