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Jul 25, 2007 02:34 PM

fun waterfront/waterview dining with full bar in RI?

My work's annual Summer Party is coming up next month (August). We're going kayaking in Ninigret and then we want to go somewhere for an early dinner. We are 20 people.

We are looking for a place on the water (or with a water view) -- any water (doesn't have to be the ocean proper), with a full bar. We are looking for something more restauranty than Champlain's, for example.

Most of us live in/near Providence, and we'll be all the way south at Ninigret for the day, so we wouldn't mind driving wherever for dinner.

Please help me look good in front of my colleagues.

Thank you!

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  1. The Up River Cafe in Westerly meets all those criteria, although it's in the opposite direction from Providence. Puts you closer to 95, though! It's on (actually over) the Pawcatuck River and has an outdoor patio. Great chow and a full bar. A bit upscale, but great fun.

    For a more casual spot, Jim's Dock in Jerusalem also meets your criteria. Very casual, you can even sit outside on the dock and watch the fishing boats (and Block Island Ferry) dock in Galilee. Possibly the best scallops I have ever eaten.

    Continuing further east, Turtle Soup in Narragansett also would fit the bill. They get mega slammed on the weekend, and a group of 20 might be a stretch, but give them a call. Also good chow, great vibe, and good drinks. Waterfront view of Narragansett Bay doesn't hurt.

    If you're willing to head over to Newport, there are umpteen spots to choose from. The Mooring, Clarke Cooke House, Black Pearl, West Dock, really too many to list. A search of the board will yield more details.

    Have a great time and let us know what you decide on!

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      Amalfi in Narragansett across the street from the Narrgansett Town beach. They have a full outdoor bar on a large patio facing the beach.

      And of course there is always the hopping Coast Gurd House right on the water in Narragansett, full bar inside and out. I don't believe the food is anything to right home about.

    2. Tiverton is probably out of your way, but I love The Boathouse.

      I heartily second The Up River Cafe rec. Gorgeous outdoor patio.

      The Coast Guard House is beautiful, and I believe there was talk of new ownership or mgmt, so perhaps the mediocre food has improved?

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        Ownership is the same; but Debbie Kelso and co are upgrading the restaurant, which has always been good, but will now be even better. Narragansett looks to be doing what needs to be done in sprucing up the Pier Market area. Belmont Market, Belmont Liquors, Cheeky Monkey and an upscaled Coast Guard House will certainly get Narragansett more attention.

        Jerry Saywell

      2. Up River Cafe in Westerly is sure to make you look good! I would call and reserve the space on the patio you need and expect to pay, but the food and atmosphere....I do believe it is my new favorite! Easy to 95 by way of route 2 after.
        Jims Dock in Matunick (sp?) is very fun and casual, maybe better after a day of playing in the water. BYOB, so you could be a star by bringing a cooler or 2 with some great wines and beers. Heck, they would probably let you plug in a blender!
        Another very good place is Marias in Misquamicut, very pretty outside dining, though it is across the street from the beach. The Pleasantview House has a new chef this year, (Lippy from Rafters) and has been getting some good chatter. Right on the beach, also.
        Any one want to share a Pleasant View review?