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Jul 25, 2007 02:32 PM

Easy freeze meals??? Make!

I am headed to help my DIL and son out. They both work, she is pg again, and they have a busy little 18 month old. I want to cook and freeze some meals for them..which they appreciate so much.

I usually do lasagna and meat loaf.

Any other ideas would be most appreciated.

Son is not a big carb lover (pasta, potatoes, bread).

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  1. soups, stews, chili, mac and cheese, casseroles, bake up some biscuits half way or 3/4 done and freeze great to have on hand to pop in the oven and finish off baking to serve with any of the above, same for cornbread. Roast some chicken, make chicken gravy and slice the chicken and combine with the gravy in a zip bag and freeze that can make a quick hot chicken sandwich, you can do the same with beef or pork too.

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      Interesting -- you mention baking biscuits halfway -- any reason why? I just froze some leftover biscuit dough in an experiment to see how it would bake up later. Does baking halfway before freezing work better?

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        Just easy to have pre-rolled and cut and take out as many as needed and pop in the oven as needed and only as many as needed

    2. If you can find a copy of athemarvelous book THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF FREEZER COOKING by Helen Quat you'll be amazed at all the possibilities. Actually, many foods not containing mayonnaise, gelatin or hard-cooked eggs are great freezer candidates. Most sauced foods are terrific.

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        chicken pot pies are the ultimate freezer food at our house.

      2. Eggplant Parm or Lasagna (instead of noodles, use zucchini and eggplant)

        Mexican Casserole.. Layer Taco sauce or a white mexican sauce, then shredded cooked chicken, black or pinto beans, corn, salsa, green chiles, cheddar and jack cheese, one layer of whole wheat or regular tortillas, repeat and top with cheese, bake, cool and freeze.

        Quiches freeze well.

        Freeze meatballs in sauce, then allow to partially defrost and cook in pot in sauce; serve over whatever is desired.

        Poached chicken breasts with garlic retain moisture best in freezing; serve w/ ratatouille that freezes well.

        Cabbage and Meatballs freeze well.

        Meatloaf freezes very well.

        Too carby but, Polenta Lasagna w/ Chicken Sausage
        Layer polenta made with butter and paremsan cheese, cover with chicken sausage and marinara sauce with carmelized onions, layer up and top with mozzarella and more parmesan.

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        1. re: Emme

          not even to freeze - the polenta lasagna just sounds great - can you give more details emme? thanks.

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            Ridiculously easy...

            Make a batch of polenta, using chicken stock, and adding butter and lots of parmesan toward the end.

            Brown some ground or chopped chicken sausage in a pan with garlic and onions, then stir in some of your favorite marinara sauce adding whatever spices you like... I always add in the typical Italian slices with a little anise seed for flare that people can never put their finger on as the "it flavor." You can also caramelize some extra onions as I like to do.

            Layer polenta, onions, sausage/sauce, mozzarella and if you want to be decadent a few dollops of ricotta mixed with herbs, then polenta, onions, sausage/sauce, a little more polenta, then (ricotta if using) mozzarella, and parmesan. Bake at 350 or so until melded through and browned on top.

        2. Just about any soup, stew or casserole can be frozen and reheated later. My freezer almost always has a couple of containers of lentil soup, black bean chili and curry of some sort. They're perfect for last-minute meals.

          The one rule of thumb is to avoid potato chunks in anything (the freezing process does bad things to the texture) and pastas in soups/stews (ditto). I'll usually make the soup without.. when time comes to reheat, just add the potatoes/pasta and simmer long enough to cook through.

          Mind you, if your son isn't into carbs, this shouldn't be as much of an issue.

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          1. re: tartiflette

            Any pulled or BBQ freezes well. I did mine in serving sized "patties" so my teens could just grab them and reheat in the m/w, in a bun.


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              However mashed potatoes do come out rather nice! So a shepherds pie would be OK.

              One I use a lot is Pork Colorado. Use a few containers, then when defrosted we make burriotos, chimichangas, or enchiladas. Or keep it as a stew, roll up tortillas and have at it.

              Won Ton Soup - freeze the Chinese chicken broth , then add the frozen wontons, some fresh greens, or sliced Char Sui (can be frozen also) and you have a great comfort soup.
              I used to commutel about an hour each way (for12 years), I became quite good at making meals that were of all ethnicity to put on the table within a half hour for my children. Nothing was repetitive, and there are so many things that you can freeze that taste very nice.
              Just depends, are you looking for casseroles only?

            2. There are some great suggestions here. The only one I will add are enchiladas. Probably one of my favorites reheated.

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              1. re: jules127

                Thanks so much everyone. I printed the replies and am headed to the store in Portland (I love Portland). I will look up an enchilada recipe as well.

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                  This thread is right up my alley. Does anyone have any suggestions for pasta dishes or good soups? Also, any recipes for picky kids? Thanks.

                  1. re: dream_of_giusti

                    Freeze pesto for pasta. Basil season is here.