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Jul 25, 2007 01:59 PM

Where to dine in Oldtown?

I'm looking for something new and delicious! I have tried the newish tapas-y place on King St (the name escapes me right now), the Flying Fish, and Vermilion. Is there anything else down there worth trying? So far I have only been happy with Southside 815, Hard Times and La Piazza (YUM!)

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  1. I like Cafe Salsa:

    Majestic Cafe just reopened and I hear it's yummy:

    Stardust is supposed to be good but not right down in the King Street area:

    Also, Eammons for fish and chips:

    My coworkers say Ala Lucia is good. I haven't been yet.

    1. It's not brand new, but if you haven't eaten at Eve you are missing out on the best Old Town has to offer.

      1. There are a lot of good places in Old Town; can you narrow down what it is that you're looking for? Majestic is probably closest in terms of type of food to Southside and Vermillion, so you'd probably like that.

        1. Eve or Majestic win my votes.

          1. I've recently become a fan of Overwood on Lee st...still thinking about that roasted chicken with au jus...

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              Pending on what type of place you are looking for, there are certainly tons of restaurants you can try.
              Restaurant Eve - definitely worth the price for fine dining
              Eammons - great fish and chips
              Daniel O'Connells - really nice Irish Bar with good food as well
              Fish Market - not fancy, but certainy fresh seafood
              Warehouse Bar & Grill - you should try their wasabi cruster oyster or baked oyster uggie for apps and their dinner certainly will not leave you disappointed
              Mai Thai - if you're in the mood for Asian cuisine

              If you're not stuck in being in King Street - you should try Momo's for sushi and it is off Queen Street. Also venture into Rustico - just right outside of the Old Town - their maestro menu are good way to try varieties plus plenty of choices for beer.

              1. re: Itsmeeh1

                Overwood and Momo's are my two favorite at the moment.