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Jul 25, 2007 01:55 PM

Brits visiting Portland

I am coming to Portland for a weekend from London with my wife for a wedding. We will have the opportunity to lunch together in Portland before the wedding on Saturday 11th August and I would be really grateful for any advice about what we could do for a delicious lunch which captures the spirit of the place.

Thanks for any advice - we are staying the night before at Higgins Beach, and will also probably need somewhere for brunch or lunch on the Sunday.

Neither of us has ever been to New England, so we are really looking forward to it, and put ourselves in your hands...


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  1. Depends on what type of lunch you are looking for and whether you want simple and small since you will be eating at a wedding later. For a VERY SIMPLE lunch you could get take-out from Kettle Cove Take-Out (between Higgins Beach and Portland) and go to Kettle Cove for a fantastic view while enjoying some fried fish.

    Another nice spot is Salt Water Grille in South Portland. Good food and the view of downton Portland from their back deck cannot be beat! Joe's Boathouse (also in South Portland) also has great food and a great view.

    The Front Room in Portland is great for breakfast/brunch. Closer to Higgins Beach in Cape Elizabeth is The Good Table. They have wonderful breakfast/brunch food!

    1. If you want Maine seafood head down to Commercial Street and check out the restaurants near the wharfs, like Gilbert's Chowder House, Portland Lobster Company, Dry Dock and many more.

      Another area to check out is the neighborhood around the intersection of India and Middle Streets, where you can find Hugo's (new American with prix fixe & gastro pub menus), Pepper Club (vegetarian), Norm's East End Grill (American), Ribollita (Italian), Duckfat (European sandwiches), Micucci's (rustic Italian take-out) and Amato's (sub sandwiches). There's also a great foodie bookstore on Middle Street, called Rabelais.

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        Thank you both - that certainly gives us something to be going on with!

      2. Coming from London, my suggestion would be to feast on the great American lobster. The dollar is so weak compared to the pound that it will be a bargain. Get a big one!