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Looking for lunch...in Sunridge (Calgary)

A job change recently hurled me from Downtown to the Northeast earlier this summer.

I’ve checked out the German Canadian Club – lunch buffet with some solid offerings – dill cucumber salad, cooked red cabbage (mmm), dumplings, Zigeuner Schnitzel. A little further out is the previously unreachable-from-DT-over-the-noon-hour Taco Del Mar franchise. Definitely a step up from other Mexican fast food in the city!

But I need some other recommendations to help me knowledgably suggest options the next time a colleague says, “Hey, let’s go grab lunch at Ricky’s.”

I’d love to hear any thoughts on Chowhound endorsed lunch places (takeout/sit down/whatever) in the Greater Sunridge Metropolitan Area…say, Memorial to 32nd Ave and Barlow Trail to 52nd St.


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  1. Thai Boat is pretty good for lunch. Across Barlow on 32 ave.

    A little further up 52nd is the venerable Alberta King of Subs. Great poutine and also MSM sandwiches in a cafeteria like setting. Definitely worthwhile.

    And I may face ridicule from you all for this, but I like Swiss Chalet too. Quarter chicken with fries and sauce. Mmmmmm. My fave chain food by far. Maybe a little far out for you but always quick for lunch.

    Finally, there is Pho Que Hoang, my top pick for Vietnamese food in Calgary. It's in the Pacific Place Mall where T&T Market is located.

    1. I suck at directions in Calgary, so pardon if I get this wrong but isn't Pebble Street (Chinese noodle/rice restaurant) in that area? You could order take out or sit down.

      1. I may be taken around back and beaten by Chowhounders for these suggestions, but I think that Cactus Club and Oriental Phoenix are both good lunch options in that area.

        Also good is the Clay Oven Indian restaurant, in the plaza behind the Husky station at Barlow and 32nd. It's a buffet, and though the selection is small, the food is tasty.

        if you like the food at the German Club, you'll love the food at the New Berliner and the Austrian Canadian Club. Both are superior to the German Club.

        Nando's is meant to be quite good - it's a chicken place - but I've never tried it.

        Atlas Pizza has delicious pizza. It's a sports bar, but now non-smoking. The staff is really pleasant, and the place is usually quite quiet and relaxing for lunch. It's probably my favourite pizza in the entire city.

        I hope that helps! Let us know if you try any of the recommendations, and what you think of them.

        New Berliner
        2219 35 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E, CA

        Austrian Canadian Cultural Centre
        3112 11 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E, CA

        Clay Oven Restaurant
        3132 26 St NE, Calgary, AB T1Y, CA

        Oriental Phoenix Restaurant
        2493 27 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E, CA

        Cactus Club Cafe
        2612 39 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T1Y, CA

        Nando's Flame Grilled Chicken
        3333 32 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T1Y, CA

        Atlas Pizza & Sports Bar
        6060 Memorial Dr NE, Calgary, AB T2A, CA

        1. I second the suggestion for Thai Boat though I suggest avoiding Wednesdays (buffet day) like the plague. It's expensive & they let the food run quite low before replenishing. Other than that it's awesome.

          I also like Tiffin & Safari Grille on 28th just north of Memorial. Tiffin serves Indian cafeteria style (usually a couple of veggie options & a couple of meat options). Very tasty. Safari Grille is north African (but still Indian-esque). They have a great lunch offering for one meat curry & one veggie curry with a piece of Tandori chicken (very, very tasty) and naan for under $10 (I think it's $7.95).

          Also in the same area (north of Memorial on 28th) is Village Pita. They have a very yummy Meat Pie for $3.

          The Vietnamese place on block south of Memorial on 28th (don't remember the name) is also very good, cheap & fast.

          If you want a sandwich, I really like the chicken salad sandwich with salads at Cultures in Sunridge Mall (I find this Cultures better than others around the city).

          Hope those help.....can you tell I work in the neighborhood too?

          1. I work in the area too - and agree that Safari Grille is pretty good. Have also been known to hit the Cactus Club and Moxies in a pinch.

            The Keg on 36th is not too bad (it's no Chicago or Vintage Chophouse). There's a sushi place that's pretty good, but I'll have to grab the name on the drive home for you.

            Be thankful - my boss is always trying to take me to Red Lobster or the Coast Hotel buffet (gag). I (ahem) have been known to drive to Kensington for lunch (like today - tried Ten), or to Diner Deluxe on 16th Ave.

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            1. re: cmanten

              Lol. I currently work in the neighbourhood as well, and have a few additional suggestions as well.

              As moose mentions, Pebblestreet is just down 36 (it's in the same complex as T&T). There is Dim Sum on one side (Forbidden City), and cheap HK Diner on the other (Pebble Street).

              Across the street in the strip mall is the only edible Vietnamese place that i've found in the NE. Pho Xuen. The one one Memorial and 28th (Tu Vien) has terrible soup - i occasionally go there for all you can eat beef lettuce wraps, but otherwise, i dont like anything else on their menu.

              I second Nando's Chicken, Thai Boat, AB King of Subs, Clay Oven, and Cactus Club. I went to the ACC yesterday, and the schnitzel was decent, but i wouldnt say the food was great.

              For more obscure (and cheap) offerings, i suggest the patty's from Lloyds (same complex as Safari Grill), the pasta special from Little Italy (get there early), Coco Brooks takeout pizza, and Thai Tai just east of the Sheraton Cavalier on 32nd avenue.

              On aviation blvd (is this 12th street NE?) and 33rd avenue, there is a new restaurant opening up called Wonton King. It's owned by the people who own King's truck stop, but will be featuring primarily takeout, and is opening up on July 28th.

              Looking forward to trying Pho Que Hoang. I NEED vietnamese around here!

              1. re: yen

                Wonton King in the NE? You must absolutely go there then! Their Wor Wonton soup is awesome, and it is unlike any other fake Chinese soup you've ever had. Their other "Chinese" items are atrocious however. Mmm, I think I'll go to the one by Costco tomorrow.

                1. re: Shazam

                  I didnt know they had other locations. It's within walking distance of my office, so i'll definitely be hitting it up. Thanks for the info.

                  1. re: yen

                    The original King's restaurant is on Barlow Trail and Centre Avenue, so it is in your specified area. It originated in the NE! Go NE! :)

                2. re: yen

                  +1 for Nando's and Coco Brooks

                  Pho Xuan is way better than the one in Pacific Place, so you're not missing much

                  The Viet sub place a few doors down from Pho Xuan is pretty good for cheap eats

                    1. re: feuerzeug

                      what kind of pizza is coco brooks? is it onlt take out? are they sold frozen or bakesd?

                      1. re: alex8alot

                        It's individual sized pizza that you can eat there or take-out. You can get it baked there or frozen.

              2. Don't forget the you-say-dated-I-say-classic Reef n' Beef (yes, n-apostrophe), which is a steakhouse mostly frozen in 1983; including the prices. (Apparently, they do a steak sandwich lunch special for $3.95; I've only made it out for dinner, which is still both cheaper and better than, say, The Keg.) We've talked about it before: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/317913

                Reef 'n Beef
                3735 Rundlehorn Dr NE, Calgary, AB T1Y, CA

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                1. re: ByeByeBaby

                  I forgot about this - nice catch! It's actually $4.95 now. The fries arent very good, and neither are the salads, but the steak is decent, especially at that price! The special is only for those sitting in the bar though!

                  1. re: yen

                    Ah yes....my out of date boss has taken me to Reef n' Beef many times....the lasagna is pretty good too.

                2. Carver's at the Sheraton is closed for lunch now, isn't it? Because they used to have a fantastic chicken sandwich on the lunch menu.

                  You could also drop into Costco for the hot dog and pop special :) Cheap!

                  1. +1 to Nando, Alberta King of Subs, Tiffin, Pho Xuen, Taco Del Mar and Thai Tai for subs

                    In addition, Christie's Chicken on 32nd Ave. is reasonable and tasty (quarter chicken dark with veg and rice).

                    1. I agree that King's is the best for war won ton. There's a little place in Trans Canada Mall (52nd and Marbank Dr, just north of Memorial) that I think is called pho something or other that is my favorite vietnamese. For the best samosas in town, try Kohi Noor in the Westwinds area (east of the Safeway that's across the street from Taco del Mar). There are at least 6 East Indian restaurants all located in that area that are all very good. The Clay Oven may be closer for you, though--but get there right at 11:30 when they open or you may have a long wait. I hear that the Toad & Turtle on Barlow & 23rd is a good place for lunch.

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                      1. re: tracey06

                        -1 for the Toad and Turtle. I don't know about lunch, but the last evening I spent on their patio was utterly depressing. Mediocre beer selection, dismal menu, downright unappetizing food and bored/surly waitresses.

                        1. re: tracey06

                          Also -1 for the Toad and Turtle.

                          At the Trans Canada Mall there is a place called Mr. Schnapps, which is a tasty place for lunch. I highly recommend the Chicken Souvlaki - you get a skewer of chicken, rice, lemon roasted potato, Greek salad, tzatziki and garlic toast. The owner is Greek, so the taste is authentic and delicious. The same guy owns Dover Pizza which is in Memorial Square, at the corner of 52nd and Memorial. Schnapps is better, but DP is OK too.

                          1. re: feuerzeug

                            Thanks for the plentiful and excellent suggestions. I've got quite the dining list now. Here’s a look at some recent lunches:

                            Village Pita Bakery – is an old standby but went again last week. Nothing beats dashing in for a quick stand up app’t with a hot meat pie. Finally tried lemon juice on one of these. Zing! I like.

                            Tiffin - fresh rotis, pretty tasty food and a bright place. My thali was yummy but veg curry had a watered down feel to it. (I think I’ve become addicted to Punjabi cooking...mmm, oil) May go back.

                            Pho Xuan on 36th St. - A mixed crew from work: a Dutch, a Mexican, a Brit, two Americans and two Canadians. Lotsa head nodding and slurping seemed to indicate it was a hit. Great saté soup and dee-lish salad rolls. Will go back. BTW - this is a cash only place.

                            La Cay (sp?) – Vietnamese sub place a few doors south from Pho Xuan. Fresh veggies – seems like all/most subs are priced at $3.50. Not the usual upsell on the sate subs. I had an assorted - fresh bun, good cold cuts & nice veggies. Will go back

                        2. Shotze's pub on 36st and 32ave (same parking lot as Safeway) $3.99 steak sandwich on Thursdays, there is a King's Chinese on Barlow and Center Ave or fairly close. Great pizza at Perfect Pizza at 36st and 39ave. Great chinese at Chinese Valley Chinese a block west of the temple Esso (Temple Drive and 52st)

                          Chinese Valley
                          5008 Whitehorn Dr Ne
                          Calgary AB, T1Y 1V1

                          Phone: 403-280-2926

                          1. I can't believe nobody mentioned Quynh for Vietnamese. I love it there! They have a yummy lunch special. They're located right beside the Sunridge Spectrum Cinemas.

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                            1. re: Lainey1978

                              Can you elaborate what the lunch special is? How much and what days? Why do you love it so much ?

                              1. re: sleepycat

                                I'm going by memory here, since it's been awhile. I believe it was every weekday, and when I went, it was about $8.95 for food and a drink. It came with shrimp salad rolls to share and the meals consist of a bowl of vermicelli topped with meat (different every day--can be charbroiled pork--which is my favorite--lemongrass chicken, satay beef...I think that's it), shredded carrots and cucumber, bean sprouts, and cut-up (fried) spring rolls. They are very accomodating if you don't like any of those ingredients. It also comes with peanut sauce for the salad rolls (or whatever you want to do with it) and fish sauce. I love it because it's good! The atmosphere is pleasant, too. They're very busy when the special is on, though. You'd want to get there a bit before noon.

                                If you go, check out the demonic-looking shrimp on the walls (they have glowing red eyes), and the hand dryer in the bathroom. Just to amuse yourself.