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Jul 25, 2007 01:53 PM

Saturday/Sunday Brunch/Lunch

Any thoughts/recommendations/preferences between Commander's, Gallatoires and Arnaud's?? Have done Gallatoires for Friday lunch before and loved it. Not sure if Saturday would be as fun. Not terribly inclined to go on Sunday, since a jacket is required (not interested in wearing a jacket in N.O. in late August!!). Is a jacket required at Arnaud's for Sunday brunch? What about Commander's?

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  1. Not on your list but I had a wonderful lunch at Cafe Degas last weekend. French boudin with sliced apples and goat cheese and Cod with grits. Just great, very casual, but also elegant.

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    1. re: Tonto

      What a great suggestion. Sometimes I get so caught up in the well-known, indeed famous, places that I overlook little gems like that. Do you happen to know if the street car goes past this place? (In fact, is the street car running? The last time I took it was pre-Katrina to visit the wonderful sculpture garden by the museum.)

      1. re: ClevelandRandy

        The Canal Street streetcar is going but it won't get you to Cafe Degas. There's never (well not for years and years) been a streetcar on Esplanade. Most restaurants are cold in August so you ought to visit the good ones and wear a jacket - it looks so much nicer and New Orleanians don't appreciate shirt sleeves at the better restaurants - the poor dressing at Brennan's being quite a real sore point!

        1. re: bronwen

          FWIW, I was think I was only person wearing a jacket at brunch at Delmonico on Sunday. Then again, I'm not sure how many of the diners were locals. That said, there are very few restaurants in New Orleans I would be uncomfortable without a jacket.

    2. These may be more casual than you're looking for, however you must try Surrey's or Refuel. I've linked to them below. At Refuel, the Baja Omlet or Huevos Rancheros are both delicious. I believe the chef and his wife (Aurora) formerly worked at a fine mexican restaurant in Miami after the Hurricane.

      The sandwich named after her has roasted turkey breast, cream cheese and strawberry rhubarb marmalade. Something different and fresh.

      Surrey's Juice Bar is adorable on the inside. They usually have a whole chalkboard of specials, and their eggs and biscuits are the best I've had recently. It's cash only, so swing by the atm before you head out.

      Else, Delmonico started doing brunch again recently. A great dining experience, that's more comfortable thank you may think. Doesn't require a jacket like some of the old guard places.

      8124 Hampson St, New Orleans, LA 70118

      Surrey's Juice Bar
      1418 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

      Delmonico Restaurant & Bar
      1300 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

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      1. re: TulaneJeff

        I had brunch at Delmonico last weekend and did not think it was worth the price point.

      2. not on your list, but Ralph's on the Park is an excellent place for a weekend brunch. It's a cab ride from the Quarter and make a reservation if you decide to go. Without a reservation they would probably seat you at the bar. I did that once and it was still delicious and kind of fun. Ralph's is a Brennan property.

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        1. re: marchperson

          Ralph's look like a real possibility. It is very hard for me to tell from the streetcar map, but looks like the the Canal streetcar turns on Carrolton and goes down to the Museum. It seems like that would be a short walk to Ralph's and maybe even a do-able walk to Cafe Degas. But if anyone can confirm this (as to distance and safety), I'd be most appreciative.

          1. re: ClevelandRandy

            either would be just more than a short walk, but entirely safe for weekend brunch.

            1. re: ClevelandRandy

              a 5-10 minute walk for each and both very picturesque. I'd say walk to ralph's through city park and the 500 year old "dueling oaks."

              1. re: Chris Martel

                Yes, a decent walk, except that it's 95 degrees and 100% humidity. After that stroll, I'd need a shower and a snowball, not brunch.

              2. re: ClevelandRandy

                New Orleans is not like most big cities. Outside of the downtown area and the quarter, it is not very walkable. I am not even sure there are sidewalks all the way from Canal down to Ralphs. I would not walk there. The cemetary area at the end of Canal is not a safe place. A cab would be your best bet. You can still enjoy the scenery from a vehicle. I know this is supposed to be about food, but I want you to be in condition to enjoy the delicious food at Ralph's.

                1. re: marchperson

                  I would take the streetcar to the Museum (or to where it appears to end, at Carrolton and City Park Ave.), and walk along City Park Ave. to Ralph's, which appears to be a bit over 1/4 mile. Assuming that the weather is not abhorently hot & humid (which is of course quite likely at the beginning of September), the question is whether that is walkable. I would love to take the streetcar, simply because I think it would be fun, but if it's a patently bad idea, I would certainly cab it.

                  1. re: marchperson

                    The Canal streetcar line splits at Canal & Carrollton, you can take the "Carrollton Spur" to the intersection of City Park Ave & Carrollton. From there it is about 6 blocks to Ralph's, if that. City Park is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, I would not worry about that area especially on a Sunday morning.

              3. just saw a video from the visitors bureau that featured antoines serving brunch. go figure... anybody been? and why didn't they feature brennans brunch - it seems like the CVB should be supporting that brunch. oh well, its either politics, or antoines has a darn good brunch

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                1. re: iknowwhatitmeans

                  Why should they be supporting Brennan's any more than Antoine's?

                  1. re: Blumie

                    Antoines just started serving brunch after K, taking advantage of the fact that Brennans was closed. I feel -as far as these 2 restaurants go- that it should be "every food in its place". Maybe if Antoines put something new on their menu in the past 50 years i'd feel differently about them taking over the brunch post.

                    1. re: iknowwhatitmeans

                      They are two restaurants operating in New Orleans. Period. Neither one has assigned "posts."

                      1. re: iknowwhatitmeans

                        But the whole "breakfast at Brennan's" thing has to be the single most overrated meal in NOLA.

                  2. I would definitely NOT go to Brennans for Breakfast. Overpriced and overhyped, IMO. Our bill was over $100 for eggs and mimosas. Ralph's is more creative and ambienve is much more interesting and it is a Brennan's property.

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                    1. re: marchperson

                      Oops. just realized that Brennans was closed. I can understand why.

                        1. re: Hungry Celeste

                          open or closed. I agree with you that it's highly overated. much better food elsewhere

                      1. re: marchperson

                        I have to agree that Brennan's is expensive, but our trip last June right after re-opening was fantastic. The milk punch, turtle soup, Eggs Hussarde, Crepes Fitzgerald--all were exceptional.