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Jul 25, 2007 01:49 PM

Help!! L.A. 'hound needs spot for mom's 75th b'day (McKinney area + kid friendly)

My mom and I are heading to Dallas (McKinney) to visit my brother and his family. My mom's 75th b'day falls on a Saturday, and I'd like to take everyone out for a nice, b'day meal.

There are 3 kiddos (9, 5 and 2 months), my chain-loving brother and sister-in-law, and my mom and myself.

Mom eats chicken and fish (no red meat) - although, oddly enough, on a prior visit, my brother took her to Fogo de Chao, and she loved it.

Any good options out there that could accomodate the kid factor? Save me from a cheesy chain, please!! I'm not too familiar with the Dallas area, but would think the closer to McKinney, the better.


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  1. Let's McKinney.....not a chain....kid friendly....chicken and red meat. Nope nothing. LOL!! How about sushi? A new all you can eat, begins with K... next to the Albertson's on 75. It is comparable to Tokyo One in Addison. Also Kobe's just opened up, also Shogun. Both are good hibachi and sushi places. Steak Houses - RoadHouse (good), Saltgrass(good). Seafood - RockFish(fair), Italian - Mamma Emila's (very good). How about Vietnamese? Small little place behind the Olive Garden just off 380 and 75 but can't remember the name(good Though) Mexican? Several but not my thing so I can't say for sure about how good. Several chains - Applebees, Fridays, Olive Garden, IHOP, Red Robin(best of the chains). Several neat places off the square in downtown McKinney. Also look hear

    1. I understand ther is a fantastic place on the square in downtown called Poppies. I am not sure howkid friendly but I hear it is great.

      1. There's a very pleasant place, non chain, at the corner of ridge and el dorado called marry's. very reasonably priced and kids will not be a problem. very nice lady owns and is the chef.

        1. The original comment has been removed