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Jul 25, 2007 01:48 PM

Ali and Kebab Cafe

Are highlighted in today's NY Times. Hooray!

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  1. Not a great review but I guess it'll do. A group of us were there last Thursday when the NYT photog was taking lots of shots of Ali cooking, etc. (the review was from earlier meals, not that night). He was a really nice guy; must've taken a couple of hundred shots... I figured that the NYT liked Ali so much they were putting out a special "Kebab Cafe edition". The food was (as always) great and we had pumpkin ravioli that were excellent. Not that the rabbit, lamb, artichokes and assorted other things were shabby either. Damn he can cook.

    What I love about Ali (the article hints at it & my meals there have proven it) is his interest in all foods. In that spirit, he was part of our group a couple of nights ago at Vostok in Bklyn, chatting up the chef about how the manty was made and loving every morsel. Vostok, by the way, is great as well.

    Go now... Ali's back, motivated and on a roll.

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      His interest in all foods. I havent been there in well over a decade (shame on me) but I still remember someone at a nearby table (all tables are nearby) discussing a certain Egyptian dish and Ali gave in effect a speech in which he traced the history of that dish, in great detail, back to ancient Egypt, showed how it had gradually been modified over the millenia, and then did the same geographically, telling how it was prepared slightly differently in Morocco, Algeria, et cetera, all the way east. What dish? I think it was melankhia but I'm not sure.