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Jul 25, 2007 01:37 PM

unique & cozy...for bf bday

I'm looking for a place to take my boyfriend out for his birthday. Anywhere in Center City would be great. Somewhere cozy, comfortable, romantic and under $100 for two is preferable. We're big foodies...and willing to try something tiny, out of the way or unique. Any suggestions??

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  1. I'm not sure if I'd call it romantic per se, but Little Fish at 6th & Catharine is definitely cozy, comfortable, tiny, and unique. The menu changes constantly (perhaps even daily) and the seafood is among the freshest and most interestingly prepared I've enjoyed in Philadelphia. It's BYO and the prices are very, very reasonable (particularly considering the quality of the food).

    Another choice that's "out of the way" (but not too far) would be August, a small and romantic Italian-influenced BYO at the corner of 13th and Wharton.

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      I second Little Fish. Wonderful food. I actually think it's more romantic than August (which is a good second choice). It is certainly tiny. Another suggestion is Chloe. Always good.

    2. Lolita on 13th st @ sansom is very center city and very delicious latin fusion. It's a small place, exposed brick, low light, but can be a bit loud. Don't think they take reservations but you can call ahead - also right across the street from capogiro gelato which would be a delicious summer finish to the evening.

      Main dishes here run in the low $20's, not sure if you want something pricier but their food is seriously delicious, decent portions, and inventive without branching too far away from the integrity of the cuisine.

      ps is byo, but they are known for their BYOT margaritas

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        Lolita takes reservations during the week, but not on weekend nights (Friday and Saturday). They will, however, take your cell phone number and call you when your table is ready. In the meantime, you can pop in to the bar at El Vez across the street for a pre-dinner cocktail.

      2. I'd head for Mandoline. Hardly out-of-the way, but tinyl, cozy, great food, BYOB. Porcini (also small, BYOB) would also work, but they don't take reservations and they're noisy at full capacity. Same for Chloe.

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          I'd agree with Mandoline (and it certainly is tiny). Would also suggest Ava, Mercato, and Matyson. All BYOBs and all phenomenal. Lolita's is great, too.

        2. Hmmmmm...the thread on University City below has a good idea--how about one of the Restaurant School's restaurants?

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            The restaurant school can be fun and is a good deal, but is also inconsistent in terms of food and service. I don't know that I would pick it for a special occasion over the other restaurants mentioned in this thread.